Build Connectors


An Omniverse Connector is middleware with which Omniverse and other software applications communicate with each other. They enable the import/export 3D assets, data, and models between different tools and workflows. It’s important to note that this means using USD as the “go between” format to convert 3D data.

Why Develop a Connector?

Consider developing a connector if you want to connect a third-party Application to Omniverse. This allows the importing, exporting and synchronizing 3D data to and from Omniverse via the USD format. For example, you can create a 3D model in Maya and then send it to an Omniverse Application like Omniverse USD Composer to render it using our photo-realitic RTX or Path Tracing renderers.

Learn to Develop Connectors


Build your own Connector by following our samples that use Pixar USD and Omniverse Client Library APIs.

Video Tutorials

Learn how to connect with the Omniverse platform by syncing data to it via USD. Establish a live sync session and get a USD 101 overview to get you started.

Additional Resources

Watch an overview of the Omniverse platform and Connectors.