Known Limitations


ABI compatibility issues may arise from python, boost, tbb, usd versions, and other possible libraries. Support for flexible builds for developers is planned in the future.

  • Export file browser known issues:

    • Double clicking on an existing usd file the exported usd will be written one directory above. Please use single click to select and then press Export button

    • Comment field does save the checkpoint comment because it is not implemented even though the UI shows it.

    • Search field does not work because is not implemented even though the UI shows it.

  • Exporting Light probes are not supported, they will transfer as an xform.

  • Exporting Unity Terrain components are not supported, we recommend using Mesh components for Terrain.

  • Live sync does not support changes to physics components or physics materials being updated Live. A re-export is required.

  • Baking Global Illumination while in Live Sync with hang the session and sometimes cause a crash.

Upcoming Features

  • Bi-Directional Live Sync

  • Import/Export Skinned Meshes with skinned weight values

  • Export shaders and materials to OmniSurface MDL

  • Import OmniGlass MDL to URP/HDRP shaders and materials

  • Import Emissive Textures

  • Import/Export Prefabs as USD References and Payloads

  • Import/Export Bones and Joints

  • Import/Export Animation and Blendshapes

  • Import/Export HDRI sky box

  • Import/Export Shader Graph networks

  • Import/Export Instance and Cache data


Omniverse users may want to try the experimental Unity USD github project which may have some USD functionality you need and can be used with Omniverse Drive for syncing USD files to a Nucleus server.