2020.2: Point Release


  • New Omniverse Client Library

    • Add support for multiple Omniverse Nucleus servers connected simultaneously

    • References between servers supported

  • Add a right-click save to Omniverse option on assets when Live mode is not enabled

  • Bake O/R/M USD Preview Surface textures to 8-bit gray textures

  • For a shared asset export the MDL Schema will be a material instance based on an MDL Preset, rather than simply pointing to an MDL Preset

    • This reduces the number of materials in a stage export, but note that static switches will still cause distinct material creation

Bug Fixes

  • Fix a reload issue on USD stages, now it will pull the latest version from the server rather than a stale version

  • Fix exporting multiple text components from a Blueprint

  • Fix importing and exporting the relative transform of a USD prim

  • Fix crash when loading MDLs for the first time in a new project

  • Fix getting Export LOD from LandscapeStreamingProxy

  • Fix writing files larger than 2GB to Omniverse

  • Indicate that no filename is necessary when exporting multiple assets and don’t lose the default path when Cancel is hit

  • Use global ::anno style imports for standard MDL modules (per specification)

  • Add support for the MDL core library clearcoat and opacity base variants

  • Resolve UDIM path for USD Preview Surface and MDL Schema

    • Note that the UDIM path is resolved with the first texture only. If UV > 1 then the texture shown will be incorrect.