2020.1: Hotfix

Bug Fixes

  • Make sure all characters are UTF8 with MDL exports and imports

  • Replace engine variable with constant in custom expression during exporting

  • Fix distilling of MDLs that use a Fresnel function

  • Notify users that vertex and pixel normal expression cannot be used for MDL IOR

  • Fix an issue where the Omniverse texture etag was saved before a texture load was completed. This prevents random garbage materials appearing on meshes.

  • Avoid loading from empty USD asset path address

  • Support masked materials when exporting and importing USD Preview Surfaces

  • Support actors with the same name in multiple sublevels while exporting USD

  • Fix proto index if there are empty instanced mesh components

  • Fix separating sections to meshes: Note that the number of vertices can’t be obtained from static mesh section

  • Fixing baking preview surface for the dynamic translucent material instance : Dynamic material instance can’t set the parent directly

  • Mangle/Unmangle invalid characters to make UE4 access Omniverse path


  • Use the editor’s Landscape ExportLOD property to determine what LOD to export to USD

    • This is useful because Landscape actors are currently exported as meshes and the size can get out of hand quickly

  • If MDL load fails try to load the preview surface instead (and vice versa)

  • Automatically disable the editor CPU throttling to avoid live editing issues