200.2 Hotfix



  • The Omniverse Connector is released for Unreal Editor versions 4.27, 5.0, and 5.1

  • Support loading thumbnails from Nucleus in the Content Browser for Omniverse USD and MDL (OM-34221)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix sky lighting issues when hiding/unhiding sublayers

  • Fix loading a material that has a Scope prim between the Material and Shader prims (OM-63457)

  • Fix MDL errors: “DB element with tag still referenced” during startup (OM-63680)

  • Disable Object related expression to make default 5.x floor material work (OM-66166)

  • Support importing MDL functions with multiple array inputs (OM-67319)

  • Export MDL constant for runtime virtual texture volume (OM-70927)

  • An asset that fails to import should be destroyed (OM-67319)

  • Fix setting wrong data size to image wrapper (OM-67000)

  • Add error output when engine material functions can’t be loaded for MDL

  • Fix an issue with deleting Unreal actors after adding USD to an Unreal level. (OM-63202)

  • Fix duplicating the root prim (OM-63738)

  • Fix issues with properly fetching USD file changes with sublayers (OM-63838, OM-65069, OM-65783)
    • References/Payloads will be reloaded as well when layer is reloaded (OM-65069)

  • Initialized UProperty for Omniverse Class and Struct to avoid build warning

  • Fix loading USD properly in Unreal Level (OM-63201)

  • Fix crash when opening import/export dialog in the editor without viewport

  • Fix scaling mesh down to 0 resetting transforms (OM-65092)

  • Fix exporting an animation sequence with no preview mesh. (OM-65158)

  • Avoid loading the USD when adding a reference in the stage actor. (OM-65080)

  • Fix crash when changing the OmniStageActor to a USD instead of OmniverseUSD and saving Unreal Level (OM-65667)

  • Fix exporting level models (brushes) with multiple materials (OM-67443)

  • Fix an issue where live sessions were stopped when leaving Play-In-Editor mode (OM-68945)

  • Fix warning “SkeletalMesh has no skeleton. This needs to fixed before an animation can be set”

  • Fix copying Omniverse URL from servers with mangled names (OM-71214)

  • Check if a live session exist before creating (OM-71211)

  • Fix an issue where a USD export fails to bind the OmniverseCameraShot as the default camera for Create

  • Fix crash browsing a folder with a name like “_1” (OM-72684)

  • Fix crash caused by invalid import package name (name.skel.usd) (OM-72722)

  • Fix Unreal Text Render exporting (OM-72642)

  • Fix warning: replace the deprecated DoesPackageExist()

  • Fix warning: include the correct “Engine/Engine.h”


  • Update some icons for the Content Browser and Omniverse Layers windows

  • Refactor the layer editor to fix bugs and improve perf (OM-63154, OM-63157)
    • Add a right-click option to save the layer

    • Properly display sublayers

    • Properly display deltas in all layers and sublayers

  • Properly loading a reference will load all related layers (OM-66300)

  • Changing max influences for joint to 4 on import

  • Don’t export normals from MeshDescription when they’re all (0, 0, 0)

  • Use primvar displayColor and displayOpacity attributes to export meshes with vertex color (rather than texture coords) (OM-43093)

  • Update USD resolver to 1.15, Omni client to 2.18, and add resolver version to About dialog

  • Update the Core MDL Library to 0f84615b (and refresh all core MDLs when they’re updated) (OM-67680)

  • Change the USD export prim kind hierarchy (OM-65886)

  • Use mangle name for the asset name with unreal unsupported character (OM-72952)