105.1 Point Release


  • Import USD and MDL as Unreal Engine assets (OM-38124)

    • Static and Skeletal Meshes, Time Sampled sequence data, Materials, Textures

    • Import USD assemblies as Blueprints

    • Reimport asset supported through Omniverse context menu

Bug Fixes

  • Fix live editing exposure and loading exposure time samples for USD lights (OM-49611)

  • Mark imported textures as sRGB if the color space is auto in a material (OM-49285)

  • Add support for BC4 DDS exporting and fix building 16bit grey textures (OM-48724)

  • Fix exporting UDIM/VT with different dimensions (OM-48684)

  • Handle UE5 issue where C: is a relative path while C:/ is not for material loading (OM-53158)

  • Fix loading mdl which contains the full parameters list in SourceAssetSubIdentifier (OM-50358)

  • Fix a crash after dragging a USD into a level then running PIE, then quitting (OM-50761)

  • Fix a crash when exporting Skeletal Mesh with no Skeleton (OM-50461)

  • Fix an issue where the content browser is blocked when starting the editor due to a refresh

  • Don’t create a preview Directional Light if the USD stage contains a Dome Light (OM-52432)

  • Fix crash when exporting a Blueprint with a root that’s an instanced mesh component (OM-51882)

  • Fix crash when exporting only USD Preview Surface due to uninitialized OmniverseExportMaterialResult (OM-53656)


  • Add support for the DomeLight “Visible in Primary Ray” attribute in the Unreal sky mesh plus material (OM-50112)

  • Add support for exporting Animation Montages (OM-50677)

  • Add support for local exporting of BC6, BC6H, and BC7 DDS (OM-48684)

  • Dramatically improve the performance of loading stages with thousands of prims (OM-50300)

  • Add support for importing Mineways materials (OM-51513)