104.1 Point Release


  • The Omniverse Connector is released for Unreal Editor versions 4.26, 4.27, and 5.0 Preview 2

  • Layer visibility and locked state is synced between Unreal and Create (OM-41867)

  • Add support for loading MDL templates (OmniPBR and friends) as an instance based on Connector templates

    • Rather than re-importing OmniPBR every time, the OmniPBR Unreal material is used as the parent material

  • Add support for loading USDZ files from Nucleus (OM-43305)


Bug Fixes

  • Refactored the Commandlet exporting to fix an issue where sublevels wouldn’t properly export (OM-15147)

    • Note, there is still an issue when exporting a persistent level, sublevels won’t export

  • Fix specifying the MDL template folder so that the template MDLs are copied properly (OM-42933)

  • Export 16bit PNGs for normal maps to prevent pixelated highly reflective/metallic surfaces (OM-30912)

  • Fix empty actors when they are attached to a Blueprint actor (OVSD-349)

  • Skip exporting hidden instanced components

  • Fix material location for exporting instanced meshes to avoid duplicates

  • Fix exporting custom material expressions with macros

  • Fix OmniGlass importing

    • Cutout opacity will be treated as opacity for translucent materials

    • Fix glass opacity when it isn’t enabled and disable RT shadow if the imported MDL is translucent

  • Fix editing a USD stage causing a reload issue (OM-42016)

  • Decode URLs before loading assets (fixed a texture path with space %20 encoding) (OM-43689)

  • Fix a regression with scene depth in a spiderweb MDL export (OM-44215)


  • Add a message log for loading USD and MDL to report issues with custom MDL distillation (OM-41762)

  • Add support for translating Square/Pow2/Pow3/Pow4/Pow5/Pow6 Unreal material functions

  • Add support for exporting instanced meshes as a referenced USD rather than including it inline in the stage USD

  • Update the Omniverse client library to v1.17.2. It uses Python 3.7 and fixes file subscription callbacks

  • Update the texture saving pipeline and only rebuild PNGs to improve perf if texture parameters require it

  • Remove local to remote USD layer copies in the stage control class (OM-44628)

  • Use individual file subscription for updates on Omniverse Assets rather than subscribing to the entire folder’s changes

  • Avoid redundant texture files copies when uploading to Nucleus servers

  • Add an accurate progress bar when exporting (OM-43374)

  • Add cancel button when exporting to Nucleus (OM-43680)

    • Due to the unresponsiveness of the editor during export the addition is limited