103.3 Hotfix


  • Updates for 4.25 will stop after this update and we’ll continue fully supporting 4.26 and 4.27


  • Support for viewing live synced USD variantSet changes from other clients (OM-26617)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix missing LightColor timesamples from lights in Level Sequences (OM-40909)

  • Fix exported exposure when Post Process Volume’s “Apply Physical Camera Exposure” is disabled (OM-40877)

  • Fix MetaHuman Fuzzy Hoodie material export due to a regression (OM-41058)

  • Fix MetaHuman Teeth occlusion material export (OM-41055)

  • Fix a crash and behavior with USD prim attaching (OM-41418)

  • Fix USD Preview Surface normal map to undo the default tangent space calculations made by texture nodes (OM-41410)

  • Fix live sync when a Translate:pivot is used in USD xform op stack (OM-41542)

  • Fix loading MDLs with unpack_integer_as_float: It was moved to new 1.7 template (OM-41759)

  • Fix changing the SpotLight Cone Angle in Kit not changing the Outer Cone Angle in Unreal (OM-8166)


  • Updated to Omniverse Client Library 1.17 (OM-40371)

    • Live lock for “fast updates” is removed since there were issues with it

  • Export auto exposure settings to USD custom layer (OM-40877)

  • Disable two sided material when rendering translucent USD Preview Surface materials

  • Add support for OmniHair MDL importing (OM-40241)

  • Add support for exporting and importing Object material functions in Unreal (OM-41760)

  • Auto-refresh Content and Export Browser windows with Nucleus files and folders (OM-41548 OM-2399)

  • Remove preview height fog when opening USD stages