103.1 Point Release


  • Import Audio2Face USD facial animation controls for MetaHuman characters (OM-35209)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash when exporting a USD mesh with null material in Y-up axis mode (OM-37433)

  • Checkpoint actors that are right clicked from the viewport or world outliner panel (OM-37414)

  • Don’t allow saving or exporting to a read-only Nucleus folder and notify the user (OM-37424)

  • Fix exporting mesh with the socket attachments (OM-38063)

  • Add OmniSurface support for material graph MDLs (OM-37830)

  • Fix Undo/Redo changes so they replicate over live sync (OM-16706)

  • Fix deleting a copy of a referenced mesh under a referenced prim (OM-39178)

  • Add error notification when attempting to delete an ancestral prim

  • Fix USD mesh actor duplication (Alt+Drag, Copy/Paste, Ctrl+W) failures (OM-38541)

  • Fix USD Scope loading and exporting - now acts as an unmovable actor (OM-39383)

  • Fix “Copy Omniverse URL” to have a correct extension “.usd” rather than “_usd” (OM-32549)

  • Fix remove/add Nucleus server so it works (also fixes a server disconnect) (OM-38546)


  • Support exporting DynamicParameter material expression

  • Add a new parameter that was added in base::file_bump_texture in MDL 1.7

  • Ask the user if they want to fetch changes from the server or save changes when entering live mode (OM-32236)

  • Override attributes instead of duplicating full props when exporting a painted mesh (OM-38566)

  • Clean up many of the MDL warnings that were generated from exported materials (OM-37089)

  • Fix uninstall/delete from the Omniverse Launcher to only remove the currently installed Connector (OM-26048)

    • Note: this will only work with 103.1 builds and later, previous builds will have a broken uninstall/delete