102.6 Hotfix


  • Add IES light profile import for USD lights, export not yet supported (OM-34371)


Bug Fixes

  • Initialize static mesh render data outside of OmniverseUSD module to avoid crash (OM-36271)

  • Support exporting cameras created from Default Pawn and spawned actors when recorded in a sequence (OM-34197)

  • Also add basic support for the spring arm component as a fixed joint to suspend a camera (without any collision avoidance)

  • Fix MDL custom annotation by unmangling paths

  • Fix strange triangulation due to world normal usage in Unreal materials when exporting as MDL (OM-34110)

  • Reset EV100 to 0 when the luminance is 0 to prevent the post process from overexposure


  • Add support for referencing textures, materials, and USD stages with a checkpoint URL (file.png?checkpoint=2) (OM-34630)

  • Allow a material to load for a GeomSubset that doesn’t define the “familyName” attribute set to “materialBind” - still emit a warning

  • Add support for the USD Preview Surface “Transform2d” function

  • If USD camera focus distance is zero use the setting from post-process on import (OM-35714)

  • Export EXR files as 16 bit textures since they’re now supported by Create