102.2 (4.27 only) Hotfix

Note, this hotfix is only for the 4.27 Preview 3 Unreal Editor. Epic Games recently updated from Preview 2 to Preview 3 and our 102.1 release isn’t compatible, so we updated it.


  • Updated build to support Unreal 4.27 Preview 3 (Preview 2 is no longer supported)


Bug Fixes

  • Fix the result of MDL lerp expression when the input is constant (OM-34457)

  • Adjust spot and point light exporting (OM-34234)

  • Fix the incorrect relative texture path when exporting objects (static mesh/skeletal mesh) to local disk

  • Fix crash when loading transform_vector_from_tangent_to_world() and transform_vector_from_world_to_tangent() from Ue4Function mdl

  • Clamping the texture coordinate index if exceeding the number of texture coordinates: Omniverse MDL used the 3rd and 4th uv sets as vertex color, so out of bound coordinates will cause the issue (OM-34912)

  • Add notification when the filename on the Omniverse is too long (OM-31735)


  • Setting max roughness to 1.0 which is 0.3 by default in Create to match the roughness attribute of UE material (OM-34749)

  • Update Core material libraries to 1dcbfb85 for OmniSurface