102.1 Point Release


  • Unreal 4.27 Preview 2 editor support added

  • Add an export option to create a “material override” sublayer and material references (OM-31466)

  • Add Omniverse Checkpoints on Save, Export, and Live Toggle (OM-31918)

  • The USD DLLs are prefixed to allow the NVIDIA USD plugins to be loaded at the same time as the Epic USD plugins (OM-31328)

    • Note that some functionality in the plugins might be impacted due to both running at the same time

  • Add support for http/S3 references to allow for Omniverse skies, materials, and other assets from Create (OM-31892)

  • Add support for importing materials generated by the MDL Material Graph in Create (OM-31608)


Bug Fixes

  • Add version control to USD DDC to prevent crashes when importing the same USD SkelMeshes with different editor versions (OM-31982)

  • Add MetersPerUnit stage value to DDC cache to prevent incorrect scale on importing

  • Fix invalid MDLs in Create when exporting using the Core library dependencies

  • Fix USD Domelight import material by normalizing the reflected vector to prevent scaling

  • Fix bounds for USD SkelMesh animation imports (EuclidVR sample)

  • Fix live editing material from the USD Skel which mixes with Mesh and GeomSubset

  • Fix importing tangent_space_normal_texture function from base module to fix normals on OmniPBR (OM-33899)

  • Fix check() when importing Automotive Materials Pack M_Opaque_Master (OM-33666)


  • Unreal 4.24 is no longer supported

  • Live Edit will automatically be disabled when opening/importing a USD stage (OM-31918)

  • Add support for HLSL clamp conversion to MDL clamp

  • Add support for importing/exporting “unpack integer as float function” (OM-30252)

  • Add support for converting hlsl rgb per-component operation for the variable and function to mdl (OM-30252)

  • Update MDL SDK to 2021.0 (344800.2052): 01 Jun 2021

  • Support loading specific material from the core material lib in preparation for material node graphs (OM-31608)

  • Omniverse Client Library update to 1.13