101.2 Hotfix


  • Add an option to export SubLevels as USD SubLayers (OM-30422)

  • Add an option to export Decal Actors and Components as USD meshes (OM-10250)

  • Add an option to export stages as Y-up (default is Z-up) (OM-3518)

Bug Fixes

  • Fix missing USD Layer names in the Omniverse Layers tab (OM-13577)

  • Add a missing vector and matrix multiplication support for MDL distilling (OM-30492)

  • Fix installer to support a relocated Unreal Engine install from Epic Games Launcher (OM-30765)

  • Fix a vertex color bug on mesh export and weld USD static mesh verts

  • Fix Skeletal Mesh live transform update issues (OM-30696)

  • Fix a crash due to shared SkelMesh DDC entries between engine versions (OM-31982)

  • Fix an issue where imported animations replay too slowly due to usage of framesPerSecond rather than timecodesPerSecond

  • Prevent OmniAsset in mounts from saving and live editing (OM-31753)

  • Fix folders and assets missing read-only mount flags (OM-31821)

  • Fix a reconnect loop on disconnected Nucleus servers (OM-26381)


  • Add “localhost” as the default in the Add Omniverse Server dialog (OM-2734)

  • Allow “omniverse://servername” in the Add Omniverse Server dialog (OM-2734)

  • Add export commandlet options for payloads and layered sublevels

  • Export World Outliner folders as USD Scope prims (OM-30645)

  • Add an “Export Current Level to Omniverse” option from the menu button (OM-30627)

  • Add an option in the project plugin settings to save stage changes during Play in Editor sessions (OM-28372)

  • Update the Omniverse Client Library to 1.11.15


  • This is the last update to the Unreal Engine 4.24 Connector. Future releases will only contain Connectors for 4.25, 4.26, etc.