100.5 Hotfix


  • Add the module .Build.cs files to allow C++ source project builds using the Epic Games Launcher source

Bug Fixes

  • Materials

    • Unify MDL export warnings so they all appear in the same message log whether exporting to local disk or Nucleus server

    • Add a new way to identify if the refraction contained in material expressions can be used for MDL IOR. For example, if texture sampling is used to drive refraction attributes in a material, it will be ignored and replaced with the default IOR constant.

    • Fix 4.26 fog volume MDL exports, the subsurface color attribute was incorrect

    • Fix an issue with a missing override material when exporting instanced meshes

    • Fix an issue where initial material creation and application on a prim in Create did not live-sync to Unreal Engine

    • Fix MDL/texture importing when sampled with address mode (wrap vs. clamp)

    • Fix translation of the Panner material expression node to MDL

  • USD

    • Fix a crash when exporting shots in a Level Sequence that end outside the time range

    • Fix a crash by not allowing an imported Level Sequence actor to be renamed

    • Fix a crash when editing the transform of an instanceable prim by locking the movement of an actor if it’s a descendent of an instanceable prim

    • Fix USD warnings when reading incorrect value types

    • Fix an issue where USD mesh shapes axis changes did not live-sync

  • Lights

    • Fix export of SpotLights to USD SphereLights

    • Fix the import of SphereLights as SpotLights to take the stage’s metersPerUnit setting into account

  • Install

    • Fix the uninstall to only delete files that were installed, not the entire folder where the plugins were installed


  • Materials

    • Add annotation to MDL parameters so that DisplayName, Description, SortPriority, Group, and Range are all exported and visible in Create

    • Add support for the clamped texture sample setting in the texture asset for MDL export

    • Add support for the exporting the PerInstanceRandom material expression node to MDL

  • Other

    • Add a utility Blueprint function to list the contents of a Omniverse server folder (ListOmniverseFiles)

    • Add support for exporting Level Sequence shots with the correct priority into a single Omniverse shot camera

    • Support mapping a Post Process Volume’s “Exposure Compensation” to “cm^2 Factor” in the Tone Mapping RTX Settings in Create

    • Add support for importing USD capsule shapes

    • The defaultPrim on exported stages now have a blank Kind, rather than be set to “group”. This fixes some prim/defaultPrim selection issues in Create.