100.4: Hotfix


  • Add the optional OmniverseGroom plugin to 4.25 and 4.26. This plugin will export Groom assets as USD Basis Curves.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash when importing Black_Oak from mounted tree library. Do not attempt to reuse an actor of a different class.

  • Fix a crash when closing the editor when connection to an Omniverse server had previously failed

  • Fix a crash when opening an MDL that is referenced from a path larger than 260 characters (or so) due to Unreal Editor path length issues

  • Fix a crash when exporting a Level Sequence actor with a shot in negative time

  • Fix USD Skeletal Mesh animation importing and playing when triggered from within a Level Sequence

  • Fix an issue where imported USD timesamples that changed visibility on a parent prim did not affect children meshes.


  • Make basic USD shapes (sphere, cube, etc) use the same default material that meshes use when no material is bound

  • Don’t allow deletes of ancestral prims from referenced USDs within a stage

  • Support live replacement of mesh prim from point instancer with a UE4 static mesh

  • Workaround issues related to materials that employ Parallax Occlusion Mapping (POM) since this doesn’t translate well to MDL

  • Add support for the Black-body radiation material expression node with MDL

  • Add primitive data (bounding box, etc) from Unreal Engine to MDLs through a custom expression

  • Trigger Skeletal Mesh animation from within a Level Sequence rather then on the actor to ensure that animations with other actors are synchronized.