100.3: Hotfix


  • Add support for MetersPerUnit on import and export for meshes, shapes, cameras, lights, and stages

Bug Fixes

  • Fix crash when editing material caused by Geometry Subset material binding

  • Remove duplicate vertices when exporting UE4 Landscape to USD mesh

  • Fix SkelRoot live edit perf issue

  • Get full data and handle transform exporting from Level Sequence sections even if there’s no key in a shot

  • Avoid crashing when MDL function call creation fails and reports an error

  • SkyAtmosphere material expressions get a constant 0 value when exported as MDL


  • Always create UE4 actor when loading a USD prim (rather than only if it is a model or lacks a parent component). This changes the layout actors, meshes, components, etc. in UE4 to be more like the USD stage. Fewer components, more actors

  • Merge multiple camera sequence shots into a new USD camera while still preserving the original shot cameras

  • Support exporting BC6H/BC7 2D textures

  • Replace UE4 material function DeriveTangentBasis with TangentBasis when exporting MDL materials due to the usage of incompatible DDX and DDY material nodes