100.2: Hotfix


  • Add Unreal Engine 4.26 editor support

    • Note: The export folder dialogs in 4.26 do not refresh Omniverse server folders properly. Browse/create folders from the Content Browser first.

Bug Fixes

  • Collision properly exported from stand-alone static mesh asset exports

  • Fix crash when exporting DDS textures when a material uses virtual textures (note, proper VT export is not supported)

  • Fix crash when loading Level with USD actors

  • Fix live-edit of many Cinematic Camera properties

  • Fix binding materials to geometry subsets, honored only if the familyName of subset is UsdShadeTokens->materialBind

  • Remove the “Omniverse USD Sequence+ (usd)” Image Output Format from the Render Movie Settings because it is no longer supported

  • Fix crash when importing USD skeletal meshes. Garbage collection cleans up StaticMeshLOD so some classes needed to be moved to a different module.


  • Avoid exporting TangentX array for skeletal meshes if unnecessary