100.1: Point Release


  • USD upgraded from 19.11 to 20.08

  • Skeletal Mesh animation import and export support added

  • Level Sequence actor import and export support added (as USD Time-sampled data).

  • USD Scenegraph Instancing export option added

Bug Fixes

  • Improve Blueprint export (for meshes, cameras, text render actors, and lights)

  • Fix normal generation on USD imports that contain no normals

  • Fix live update issues with Camera actors


  • If DDS textures are exported then they will be referenced by exported materials

    • Note, there’s no DDS importer so the exported textures will not import properly in UE4.

  • Log messages added during export to Omniverse to make it more clear when

  • Add option to include invisible levels when exporting

  • Exporting levels as USD to the file system are now organized as props and references. Previously all meshes were defined in the stage USD file.

  • Add an “About Plugin” dialog from the Omniverse toolbar button