Autodesk Maya Connector FAQ

Maya (Legacy) Connector vs Maya (Native) Connector

Q - What is Maya (Legacy) Connector?

A - The Maya (Legacy) Connector is our current Maya connector. This connector is Omniverse Enterprise (OVE) and will support the new Live workflow coming this summer in version 200.

Q - What is Maya (Native) Connector?

A - The Maya (Native) Connector is a new Omniverse Maya plug-in that is being optimized to work with Autodesk’s own Maya USD plug in.

Q - What is better about Maya (Native)?

A - Maya(Native) is compatible with Maya’s USD integration, this will allow users to lean on all the great tools and workflows that are becoming USD accessible in Maya. USD prims are shown as native USD in the Maya outliner, This is something Maya (Legacy) Connector did not do.

A - Currently, Maya (Legacy) has a compatibility limitation with Autodesk’s Maya USD. The Maya (Native) Connector will remedy this.

Q - Will you continue to support Maya (Legacy)?

A - We are committed to supporting the Maya (Legacy) Connector until we feel we have reached feature parity with the new Maya (Native) Connector. We will continue to support customer facing OVE bugs with Maya (Legacy). Generally, new features will be developed for Maya (Native) only.

Q - Will you stop working on Maya (Legacy)

A - Eventually, yes. However we will not do so until we reach feature parity and are comfortable that customers can switch to Maya (Native) without significant impact.

Q - When will Maya (Native) be feature parity with Maya (Legacy)?

A - We are shooting for the end of 2022, however, we are still in early development so this date could shift into Spring of 2023.

Q - What version of Maya will Maya (Native)support?

A - Maya (Native) connector has support for these Maya versions

Q - What connector version will Maya (Native) be?

A - The Maya (Native) Connector will be defined as version 205.xx and above. Anything below that will be Maya (Legacy)

Q - When is Maya (Native) expected to be released?

A - Maya (Native) Connector has been in a public preview as an alpha since September 2022.