Connect 105.1.541


  • OM-38542 Rhino block asset swap

  • OM-38496 Sent to View settings not respected

  • OM-38173 Blocks not properly exported out of Rhino

  • OM-38021 GH should not authenticate server on startup

  • OM-37958 Undo not working in Live Edit

  • OM-8816 Rhino does not have a valid pivot point

  • OM-36333 Rhino should not need Nucleus to start up

  • OM-40182 - Check if S3 is available


Send to Create

  • Send to View option is now Send to Omniverse.

    • By default, it will send to the currently installed version of View.


    This can be changed in the Settings dialog to point to Create instead.

MDL and Vegetation Asset Location

  • By default, these are pulled from S3 for the material mapping option as well as the vegetation swap that is performed automatically on export.

  • If access to S3 is not possible, those assets can be relocated to local disk or a Nucleus location. The Settings dialog now allows that to be updated, as desired.

Known Limitations

Import of USD is a feature that is planned for Rhino. Currently, export from Rhino to USD is supported with material conversion or mapping, as specified. Import of USD will bring any USD file into Rhino’s database as native objects, such as meshes.