Release Notes



  • Maya Connector is now referred to as Maya (Legacy) Connector. Please read the Maya Connector FAQ


  • USD Resolver 1.12 and Client Library 2.16

  • Updated Core Materials


  • OM-64887 - Improve tooltip on disabled Live State

  • OM-63919 - Make group live does not set the type

  • OM-63572 - Update Python deps

  • OM-63336 - 2023.2 Arnold rendering and viewport broken

  • OM-63105 - Live move-to-origin issue

  • OM-62978 - Live material assignment doesn’t set textures relative to .live file.

  • OM-54241 - [Community Bug] Added point light in Maya, got spotlight in Unreal

  • OM-52303 - Cant Reconnect to Disconnected Server


  • Users can now paste in an Omniverse path to the file name field in the Omniverse File Browser to open a file instead of manually having to navigate to it. File Open UI

  • Added a check to ensure that if Live session files are missing, while live, the live session will end.

  • Removed the Live End and merge Options “Merge to New Layer”


Release Date: Sept 2022


  • Maya Connector is now referred to as Maya (Legacy) Connector. Please read the Maya Connector FAQ


  • OM-58024 - Payloads should be def not Omniverse

  • OM-54681 - Batch export with animation fails

  • OM-59076 - Cameras facing wrong direction when exported as Z-up

  • OM-38756 - When deleting UV sets from a USD in Maya, they do not save when using the Save function

  • OM-54241 - [Community Bug] Added point light in Maya, got spotlight in Unreal

  • OM-57373 - [Live] Sky dome light may get flipped to its side if Maya user selects the dome environment in a Live Workflow

  • OM-59150 - [Live] Prepend not copying properly for Live Workflow

  • OM-61041 - [Live] On leave Live session, Recompose Proxy USD stage


  • OM-60332 - Improve Live workflow Merge

  • USD Resolver 1.11 and Client Library 2.15



  • Maya Connector is now referred to as Maya (Legacy) Connector. Please read the Maya Connector FAQ

  • Updated - USD Resolver 1.8.0 and CLient Library 2.12.0

  • Updated - MDL Core materials

  • Added - Support for the new Live Workflow is enabled. Please read about it. OmniLive 2.0.

  • Added - Hair groom support via Xgen groom export.

  • Fixed - Security related updates.

  • Fixed - OM-50480 Read NURBS Curve knots from USD correctly.

  • Fixed - OM-49457 Some assets in the Marbles scene show texture corruption when opened in Maya

  • Fixed - OM-48938 Export MDL and Replace MDL menu items are missing in Hypershade in Maya 2020

  • Fixed - OM-47269 Fails to import mesh with face varying normals and no normals index array

  • Fixed - OM-47059 sRGB setting is not preserved when re-opening a USD scene

  • Fixed - OM-46002 Exported curves should be marked as guides

  • Fixed - OM-44259 Batch export should only export instances once

  • Fixed - OM-37823 MDLs made in Create’s Material Graph can lose attributes

  • Improved - OM-50504 Excessive logging watchers/writers.

  • Improved - OM-50740 Removed excessive logging for materials

  • Improved - Batch export handling of instances.

  • Improved - Animation Clip export.

  • Improved - OM-37180 Better error reporting for MDL

  • Improved - OM-37379 Always export with transform ops

  • Removed - Removed Maya 2019 support.


  • Security Fixes - No visible impact to users.


  • Added Support for Maya 2023

  • Client Library 1.17.5

  • Known Limitation - In Maya 2023, Bifrost now references USD, for 2023 only, Bifrost must be turned off to run the Maya Omniverse Connector. A future release of the Maya Omniverse Connector will have better compatibility.

  • NOTE - Maya 2019 support will be removed in Maya Omniverse Connector 104 and above.


  • Updated Client Library to 1.17.3


  • Updated Client Library to 1.17.2

  • Renamed export option “Split USD to Multiple Files” to “Batch Export”

  • Added Payloads as an option to Batch Export

  • Added Prevent Maya connector from installing if Maya is not detected.

  • Added Add post fix names to export.

  • Added tooltips to Omniverse dialogs through out.

  • Added command to normalize frames on export, example NormalizeFrameRangeOnExport -onflag true -basenumber 0; see :ref: maya_normalize_anim_range script reference.

  • Added Arnold 7 support

  • Fixed OM-43113 pivot issue when object had frozen transforms not at origin.

  • Fixed OM-30884 Crash with specific Skel Mesh asset

  • Fixed OM-42510 MDLs not honoring viewport texture control.

  • Fixed OM-42214 Camera filmback not exporting correctly

  • Fixed OM-41829 USD imported and Save USD command have unexpected result

  • Fixed OM-42323 Transforms are not saved on a group if group is not saved first.


  • Updated Client Library to 1.16

  • Fixed OM-41919 Parameters not showing up for MDL

  • Fixed OM-41973 Material Parameters do not export from referenced Maya

  • Fixed OM-42012 Textures not exported from FBX Material

  • Fixed OM-37426 Renaming Material Live doesn’t replicate

  • Fixed OM-41791 Adding Material to scene in Create causes mesh to disappear (related to instances)

  • Fixed OM-38538 After losing connection fo server during Live, Maya doesn’t reconnect.

  • Fixed OM-41697 Resetting Light value to default from Create Duplicates in Maya


  • No longer support Maya 2018

  • Added Animated Point Cache export option, Vertex Only. See documentation here.

  • Added Live Update options on Setting panel

  • Added Blendshape support for export type Skelmesh Animation Clip

  • Added checkpoint of auxiliary files

  • Improved Live Update performance with timeline scrub, and transforming objects

    • Updates are now on Mouse Release

  • Improved material conversion feedback

  • Improved usdSkel processing

  • Improved material handling for dds textures

  • Updated Prop vs Skelmesh export. Skinned meshes should be exported as type SkelMesh now.

  • Updated Core Materials

  • Fixed OM-37227 MDL Links broken

  • Fixed OM-39093 Render results do not match Arnold

  • Fixed OM-34496 Crash if export with name “light shape” or “camera shape”

  • Fixed OM-34609 Checkpoint Texture not usable in Maya

  • Fixed OM-37142 Omnisurface materials do not render in Arnold

  • Fixed OM-38668 Materials do not replicate until reapplied

  • Fixed OM-37267 Progress bar goes away while files are still being uploaded

  • Fixed OM-37383 Export core materials map fail with include dependencies

  • Fixed OM-38534 During Live update, assigning existing materials do not replicate

  • Fixed OM-38708 Light not creating in Live

  • Fixed OM-38727 Maya did not receive delete events from Create

  • Fixed OM-39089 text color not being applied

  • Fixed OM-39091 Assigning gold preset gets stuck

  • Fixed OM-39319 Pathing textures to non existent folder

  • Fixed OM-39320 Grouping instances creates erratic behavior

  • Fixed OM-39440 Doesn’t export texture files when re-exporting usda

  • Fixed OM-40378 Timeline Scrub with skelmesh causes prim type to be lost and geo to disappear

  • Fixed OM-30555 Live move of variant causes undesired duplicate

  • Fixed OM-26734 Exporting large scene and then re-opening causes crash

  • Fixed OM-35479 Making hierarchy changes by grouping and parenting have unexpected results

  • Fixed OM-33529 UDIM maps are visible in the viewport based on sequence

  • Fixed OM-34305 On file i/o operations, Maya should respect visibility flag

  • Fixed OM-34329 Deleting objects causes live sync to stop in second applied

  • Fixed OM-35456 Viewport freezes during live sync to Create

  • Fixed OM-36715 Fail to load UV sets on assets containing more that one

  • Fixed OM-37219 Skel Anim Clip export does not work with out Default Prim specified

  • Fixed OM-37382 Live edit with Create, changing texture from TIF to PNG doesn’t update in Create

  • Fixed OM-37420 Saving to read only location, user is not alerted

  • Fixed OM-37562 Selecting MDL shader removes previously made material

  • Fixed OM-14929 texture files attributes not registered in file path editor

  • Fixed OM-38434 Instancing Object while live in Maya doesn’t replicate to Create

  • Fixed OM-39328 Import file with MDL loses MDL Connections

  • Fixed OM-40619 In Live Edit, RGB values don’t always replicate 1:1

  • Fixed OM-41016 Point Cache doesn’t export for file with blend shapes

  • Fixed OM-36017 Open Point cache has wrong framerate

  • Fixed OM-41479 during Live Sync making an instance of an xform with a mesh child causes Maya to crash


  • Add Client Log Level script command OmniExtraCmd - clientLogLevel

  • Add Upload & download status to log file

  • Fixed bug exporting OmniSurface Preset materials

  • Fixed Crash on Marbles scene

  • Fixed OM-29272 Reexport of an existing USD broke some materials

  • Fixed OM-30555 Live object move with Variant caused duplicate

  • Fixed OM-34879 fix and set plug registration for Linux

  • Fixed OM-35172 UDIMs do not export for specific file

  • Fixed OM-35381 Variants has unexpected behavior on Export and Live

  • Fixed OM-35396 Export selected have wrong skeletal errors

  • Fixed OM-35428 Linux Connector won’t load USD Preview Surface

  • Fixed OM-30555 Live object moved caused undesired duplicate

  • Fixed OM-34558 Variant Crashed on Export

  • Fixed OM-34934 Exported incorrect inbetween blendshapes

  • Fixed OM-35381 Variant had incorrect visibility

  • Fixed OM-35462 Linux MDL templates and collections fail to load

  • Fixed OM-35546 CentOS MDLs fail to export to disc

  • Fixed OM-35548 CentOS MDLs are not immediately visible in Hypershade

  • Fixed OM-35956 Materials don’t load from Blender export

  • Fixed OM-36009 stage hierarchy wrong on load

  • Fixed OM-36520 Save USD didn’t save upaxis change

  • Fixed OM-36559 UV’s are broken for some assets

  • Fixed OM-36066 Export Selected Exported ALL material

  • Fixed OM-36070 Live object move doesn’t submit to server

  • Improved Export Selected with type Skel Mesh - Now selecting a bound mesh will automatically pick up the joints, eliminating the need to select the joints manually

  • Improved Animation Clip export by removing unused options

  • Improved support for the Create MDL Graph

  • Updated UMM and license

  • Updated test cases

  • Updated Client Library and Client Wait call

  • Updated Core material Library


  • Added Maya 2022 support. Must unload other USD plugs first.

  • Added Arnold 6.2 support for Maya 2020 / 2022

  • Added auto skel root generation for files that don’t meet usdSkel requirements

  • Added scripted export options for Skin bind position.

  • Added USD Python Bindings, using Python 2.7, + USD 3 for Maya 2022. ( Other usd plug ins must be completely uninstalled to not have a conflict)

  • Added initial support for materials created by Create Material Editor / USD Shade

  • Added Checkpoint support ( replaced Snapshots), for supported servers

  • Added OmniSurface materials to Core MDL materials

  • Improved Material Export support

  • Improved instance Export

  • Improved Live Sync

  • Improved resolving default prims on import USD

  • Improved icons on the Omniverse Shelf

  • Fixed animation transforms if animation is exported at a different up axis than the source.

  • Fixed an Omniverse Connection issue

  • Fixed Default Prim when export a Prop Animation Clip

  • Fixed a variety of Windows and Linux specific Bugs

  • Changed Export Option - Normalize Skin removed from UI and default to on. Script command available to control it.

  • Changed Export Option - Embedded MDL removed from UI and default to on. Script command available to control it.


  • Added - Universal Material Map framework for exporting native Maya material to MDL

  • Various bug fixes

  • Updated client library and core material library


  • Added - When Glass material is applied to objects, USD is written with a flag for it to not cast shadows when loaded in Create/View

  • Fixed - Bug where Live sync could cause incorrect light properties or double lights in some case

  • Fixed - Bug where not all Live material changes were received in Maya

  • Fixed - Bug where viewport would not update in some cases until MDL attributes were touched

  • Improved Plug in Installation

  • Improved loading of samples


  • Save USD - Save the delta of the open USD file

  • Import USD - Merges usd files together

  • USD Preview Surface - Improved by opening USD preview Surface via render context on Open USD

  • Model Variants Added

  • Replaced Omniverse Panel with Omniverse Shelf

  • Moved documents storage to Users/Omniverse/Maya. previously was Users/.omniverse/Maya

  • Improved Instance handling - Can now write out instances based on Hydra compatibility or not

  • Optimize texture uploading

  • Support USD files with indexed normals

  • Upgrade Client Library

  • Upgrade Core materials

2020.2.2 Hotfix

  • Client Library Updated
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes (very rarely) cause data loss.

2020.2 Hotfix

  • Client Library Updated
    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes (very rarely) cause data loss if you got a disconnect while uploading a file.

    • Fixed a bug that would fail to download a file if it was an exact multiple of 1MB

  • Fix to some live mode bugs caused by generating dif on usd open

  • New sign in dialog removes username field

2020.2 Point Release

File Support

  • Export local files with native Maya file browser


  • Skin Bind improvements

  • Animation curve filtering improvements on USD Open


  • Material stability improvements

  • Render MDL with UDIM in Maya viewport

  • Updated Omniverse Core Materials

  • Export MDL Materials from hypershade as .mdl


  • Exposed Light conversion algorithm


  • Set mel script functions on Pre and Post export

  • Customize Default Prim on Export

  • Export Visible option improved

2020.1 Point Release


  • Performance improvements

  • General UX improvements

  • Support for Omniverse read only Mounts


  • Upgraded MDL handling. This is a breaking change for files authored in older versions of the plug in. This change allows materials to be saved into the Maya file offline and allows for cleaner forward looking upgrades. uisers of old file can upgrade their materials from the main menu/Omniverse/Upgrade Materials

  • MDL materials can be embedded inside USD files eliminating floating mdl files as an option.

Bug fixes

  • A variety of bug fixes with materials to enable a more robust experience

  • UDIM export/import for Omniverse materials. Known limitation these will not render in Maya viewport.

  • Improved USD Preview Surface handling

  • Sub Divided Surface support with creasing

  • Arnold CPU support for Maya 2020


  • Animations clips exported as overs

  • Soup morph target support, if Soup is also installed


  • Arnold Sky Light support

  • Exposed Light conversion scale in settings

  • New namespace handling options



  • Supported versions of Maya

    • Windows

      • Maya 2018.0, 2018.3, 2018.4, 2018.5

      • Maya 2019.0

    • Linux CentOS 7

      • Maya 2018.3

      • Maya 2019.0

  • Polished up UX with more meaningful naming for export types and options

  • Export options moved to Export browser, this are initiated by export from menu and Omniverse Panel

    • Omniverse snapshot on Export.

      • Snapshots can be filled in on export from Maya through the export panel.

      • Supports exporting to Y and Z up axis.

    • Namespaces are stripped on USD export,

      • �:� are replaced by _�

  • Maya Cache is moved to users…/.omniverse/Maya

  • Display folders in Omniverse file browsers

  • Added USD file options to Omniverse Panel

  • Added Settings Panel

    • Enable cache moved here.

    • Informs users of mdl search paths

Materials and MDL

  • Material Type change menu added

  • Maya native materials are mapped to OmniBasic.mdl on export

  • Load USD files with material assignments from Ov servers

  • Textures are not downloaded from Omniverse on demand, previously they were all downloaded upfront

  • MDL warning moved to script editor instead of pop up window

  • Material attribute changes, Live out is supported

  • Export option for MDL absolute/relative

  • Copy MDL template to location


  • Support scrubbing the timeline for live update

  • Material assignment changes

  • Material value changes

  • Camera(See below)

  • Lights (See below)

  • USD Skel joint poses (See below)

Light Support

  • Lights are mapped to USD Lux lights.

    • Native Area, Spot, Point, and Directional lights are supported.

    • Arnold Area Light is supported.

  • Exported Lights map to USD Lux light and can be opened in Create.

  • Imported Lights - when opening a USD Stage, supported lights are mapped to Maya /Arnold Lights

    • Area Light is determined by preference on settings panel.

    • Live Sync is bi-directional for transform and supported attributes. In Maya male sure Live and include Lights is enabled.

Camera Support

  • Cameras are mapped to USD cameras

  • With the exception of Perspective, and Orthographic cameras, these are not synced

  • Import and Export of camera attributes that are supported

    • Live Sync is bi-directional for transform and supported attributes. In Maya male sure Live and include cameras is enabled.

USD Skel Export Support

  • Skeletal Mesh export type option is of USDskel.

  • Checks if scene is set up and compatible with USD Skel

  • Normalize Skin Weights for USDSkel added

  • Animation export

  • Live Skel pose update

Local Workflow

  • Local USD

  • Open Local USD

  • Save to Local Drive

    • Limitation - Materials still require being connected to server.

  • Local MDL

  • Hypershade import an mdl from you local disk to Hypershade

  • Limitation - Exported materials based off this will not work on server because template is being copied to server. Therefore feature might be pulled from release if the follow up stories don’t pan out.