Live Workflow

Maya can live sync with Omniverse.

To live sync with Maya, turn on the Live toggle in on Omniverse shelf. When live sync session is enabled changed to the scene in Maya are sent to Omniverse as well as receives changes to the file from Omniverse.

When Live syncing a file, the most recent settings on the Export panel are honored. For example, if you had cameras and light toggled off and then then toggled on live sync with a USD file that has cameras and lights, then cameras and lights would not subscribe to live sync.


For more information on Live Workflows visit.


Live is disabled if the target USD has animation or a different up axis than the Maya file. Duplicating a prim may not retain the prepend information, payload or reference , if used. This could result in incorrect or heavy mesh information in the USD stage.

Maya Live Sync with Skeletal Mesh