USD Python Binding

USD Python Bindings are available with the installation of the 3dsmax Omniverse Connector.

3DS Max Plugin Script APIs

Currently we only support 3DS Max ms script for accessing the 3dsmax Omniverse Connector.

Connect to server

Check Connection Status


Set User Name and Log in

To make sure that you log in to right server you can call the following script command step by step.

Set User Name

nvOmniverse.UserName = "tester"

Log In

nvOmniverse.ServerUrl = "my-server:1234"



Save Current Logging Information


Connect to Server


Export Usd

If you want to export the USD to OMNIVERSE®, you can call script command:

nvOmniverse.CreateURL "/Users/aatest/cone.usd"

Exporting Options

We have script API SetOptionVar and GetOptionVar to set and read options. Options are not only used for exporting. They can also be used in other cases. Both option and value are string type and case sensitive. Even if the value is “3” or “true”, they are strings, not integer or bool! And only string “true” is treated as True. Other values will be treated as False.

Setting up Export Mode Types

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "export_mode"   "1"


“1” is for Static Prop.

Check Current Value

nvOmniverse.GetOptionVar "export_mode"

Set Export Collection Types

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "selection_mode"


“1” is for Export All; “2” for Export Selected; “3” for Export Visible.

Include MDL checkbox

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "include_mdl"  "true"


“true” is string and case sensitive.

Copy MDL option drop-down list

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "mdl_copy_option" "1"


“1” for Default. “2” for Include Dependencies. “3” for CSV Mapping File.

Include USD Preview Surface

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "include_usd_preview_surface" "true"


nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "include_camera"  "true"

Light Option

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "include_light" "true"

Instance Option

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "export_instances"  "true"

Set Axis option

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "up_axis"   "2"


“2” is for Z Up which is currently the only option supported.

Split Into Files Option

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "enable_split_files"

Also Save 3DS Max

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "upload_max_file" "true"

Import Usd

If you want to import one Usd on OMNIVERSE®, you can call this script:

nvOmniverse.OpenURL "/Users/aatest/cone.usd"

Settings Panel Options

Enable Cache

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "enable_cache" "true"

Auto Sign In on Startup

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "auto_sign_in_on_start"

Echo OMNIVERSE® Feedback in Script Editor

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "echo_feedback"

Enable Renaming for Invalid Names and Duplicated Names.

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "enable_renaming"

Export Paths

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "export_objects_subfolder" "props"

Material Mapping File

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "export_material_mapping_file_path" "path to csv file"

Embedded MDL option

nvomniverse.SetOptionVar "omniverse_embed_materials" "true"

Destination Template Path

nvOmniverse.SetOptionVar "export_dest_mdl_template_path" "/Users/aatest/ani"