Release Notes



  • Updated Resolver 1.15.0 and Client Library 2.18.0

  • Updated Core Materials


  • Live Workflow between Y and Z axis. Users no longer are restricted to needing the same up axis to be Live OmniLive 2.0.

  • Users can now paste in an Omniverse path to the file name field in the Omniverse File Browser to open a file instead of manually having to navigate to it. File Open UI

  • Added a check to ensure that if Live session files are missing, while live, the live session will end.

  • Convert Vray to usdPreviewSurface when USD Preview context is enabled


  • OM-65068 - Live not always pushing updates

  • OM-64859 - Improve tooltip on disabled Live State

  • OM-64519 - Objects do not get saved after creation when not at the root of the scene

  • OM-63914 - End and merge was disabled when it shouldn’t be

  • OM-63339 - Edge smoothing on meshes broken

  • OM-56824 - Batch export instance has extra looks

  • OM-41473 - Making an instance in Create during Live Sync has unexpected behavior

  • OM-41348 - Cannot delete server from the Log In Edit menu

  • OM-31525 - XRef Object Override Material is not converting Physical and Standard materials

  • OM-31522 - VRay XRef Object is not converting materials

  • OM-35652 - Instances failed when source was an imported DWG to 3dsMax

  • OM-67079 - New folder needs to be created twice


  • Various tooltip and grammatical improvements

  • Removed the Live End and merge Options “Merge to New Layer”


3dsMax 2020 support will be removed in 3dsMax Omniverse Connector 201 and above.


  • Updated - Resolver 1.11.0 and Client Library 2.15.0

  • Added - Export with Vray 6 support

  • Fixed - OM-61043 - Vray scene is not exported correctly

  • Fixed - OM-62558 - About window does not show all fields

  • Fixed - OM-62021 - Fail to load the texture map with a UTF-8 name

  • Fixed - OM-60948 - Y-up export failed

  • Fixed - OM-59972 - Open USD doesn’t turn on all materials

  • Fixed - OM-58026 - Payloads should be def not over

  • Fixed - OM-57390 - No materials for NVIDIA mount assets

  • Fixed - OM-56927 - Roughness texture not being set for some materials.

  • Fixed - OM-40595 - Extra Map parameters in MDL material should not be exposed

  • Fixed - OM-36806 - [Forums] Movement, textures and mdl material not applying or refreshing

  • Fixed - OM-59151 - Prepend not copying properly for Live Workflow

  • Fixed - OM-61040 - On leave Live session, Recompose Proxie USD stage

  • Improved - OM-60333 - Improve Live workflow Merge

  • NOTE - 3dsMax 2020 support will be removed in 3dsMax Omniverse Connector 201 and above.


  • Updated - USD Resolver 1.8.0 and CLient Library 2.12.0

  • Updated - MDL Core materials

  • Added - Parameter Animation. Supports export of both embedded animation, and animation clips. Supports opening of USD Animation with Parameter Animation

  • Added - Support for the new Live Workflow is enabled. OmniLive 2.0.

  • Added - Configurable File path options on export

  • Added - OM-48557 Support for VRayFastSSS in VRayBlend Slot

  • Added - OM-50173 Add experimental option in settings to enable display of V-Ray material parameters on export

  • Fixed - Security related updates.

  • Fixed - OM-507070, OM-56308 Crash on export with some files

  • Fixed - OM-53953 Crash when exporting with Instances and batch enabled

  • Fixed - OM-53304 Batch export should only export instances once

  • Fixed - OM-51458 Vegetation Assets have weird sourceAssetsSubIds when exported from Max

  • Fixed - OM-51444 Selecting between different MDL materials changes the type in the material editor

  • Fixed - OM-51061 Issues with smoothing groups and UVs

  • Fixed - OM-50874 material losing transparent effect(Alpha) after exported to USD file

  • Fixed - OM-50048 Missing bitmap on export turns Max viewport gray and unrecoverable

  • Fixed - OM-48687 Put export y up as an option back in 3dsmax

  • Fixed - OM-37829 MDLs made in Create’s Material Graph can lose attributes

  • Fixed - OM-37829 MDLs made in Create’s Material Graph can lose attributes

  • Fixed - OM-34689 Doesn’t load materials from the NVIDIA-Samples-Marbles

  • Fixed - OM-31013 Materials applied to cloned copies and instances have unexpected behavior

  • Fixed - OM-28070 Max Connector Toolbar to follow 3ds Max docking standards

  • Fixed - OM-26759 Non-English character “Ê” is causing issues with max connector export

  • Fixed - OM-56274 Creating a view project in 3dsmax does not set all usd data

  • Fixed - OM-58339 Instances need to have looks locally scoped for internal references

  • Improved - OM-52051 Always export with transform ops

  • NOTE - 3dsMax 2019 support has been removed.

  • NOTE - 3dsMax 2020 support will be removed in 3dsMax Omniverse Connector 201 and above.


  • Security Fixes - No visible impact to users.


  • Add support for 3dsMax 2023

  • Client Library 1.17.5

  • NOTE - 3dsMax 2019 support will be removed in 3dsMax Omniverse COnnector 104 and above.


  • Updated Client Library to 1.17.3


  • Updated Client Library to 1.17.2

  • Improved - VRayCarpaintMtl now supports Flake mapping type and Flake map channel.

  • Improved conversion graphs for native 3dsMax materials to MDL. Physical, Standard, Roughness/Metallic, and Spec/Gloss were all improved. More texture fields are now supported and better logic for determining when MDL controls are turned on/off.

  • Improved 3dsMax UI controls

    • Renamed export option “Split USD to Multiple Files” to “Batch Export.”

    • Moved some options from Settings to the Export dialog.

    • Exposed Colorspace and Alpha mode on MDL materials.

  • Improved - Refactored cameras.

  • Added Payloads as an option for Batch Export.

  • Added Move to Origin on export.

  • Added V-ray Proxy export.

  • Added X-ref export.

  • Added MDL search paths option. User can now specify additional MDL material paths.

  • Added - Prevent connector installation if 3dsMax is not detected.

  • Added - Tooltips throughout 3dsMax Omniverse Connector.

  • Added - Export UDIMs using the multi tile node.

  • Fixed OM-41216 Camera Filmback did not export properly.

  • Fixed OM-42117 only a .project.usd file should be able to be set as s project.

  • Fixed OM-42204 Importing a USD saves them to the scene without pressing Save.

  • Fixed OM-44912 Script error on MDL creation.

  • Fixed OM-42431 V-ray asset is not visible in Create RT mode rendering.

  • Fixed OM-46067 Merging max file doesn’t update texture fields on MDL.


  • Updated Client Library to 1.16

  • Added VRayColor2Bump support

  • Added VRayBump2Normal support

  • Fixed OM-41600 CSV mapping controls don’t function as expected

  • Fixed OM-41957 Material import not working on specific OmniPBR source


  • Added Checkpoint auxiliary files

  • Added Live Update options on Setting panel

  • Added support for Vray Light (Plane) export

  • Improved Live Update performance with timeline scrub, and transforming objects

    • Updates are now on Mouse Release

  • Improved VRay material conversions

    • VRayLightMtl intensity has more accurate translation to emissive MDL

    • VRayMtl Reflect/Refract Fresnel IOR more accurate physical translation to MDL

    • VRayMtl improved conversion with opacity maps to MDL

    • VRayBlendMtl improved conversion to MDL

  • Updated Core Materials

  • Fixed OM-40488 Timeline scrub is hitchy

  • Fixed OM-40486 adjust light and camera crash when Live

  • Fixed OM-37288 Materials do not live Sync

  • Fixed OM-36169 Load variant is broken

  • Fixed OM-34406 After deleting objects, duplicated objects don’t always show up in receiving application

  • Fixed OM-25687 Duplicates of Objects made in Create do not always appear in Max during Live

  • Fixed OM-33266 Connectors have launch buttons in the launcher that don’t do anything

  • Fixed OM-35847 Materials from Create failed to come across during Live

  • Fixed OM-36823 Live timeline doesn’t syn properly with Create

  • Fixed OM-36827 Create is offsetting geometry when live sync with 3dsMax

  • Fixed OM-37558 If you make an MDL other than omniGlass, then you lose omniGlass in the options list

  • Fixed OM-38059 Extra map parameters in MDL materials. Partial fix. They were moved, but still exist. They will be removed in the future.

  • Fixed OM-29904 Some native materials are not exported as MDLs

  • Fixed OM-38230 Linked and instanced asset causes crash when exported

  • Fixed OM-38799 Deleting meshes causes Create to crash

  • Fixed OM-39524 Deleting xform or actor from Create/View/Unreal while file is open in Max and Live fails to delete children.

  • Fixed OM-40118 Crash if export a usd with name “light shape” or “camera shape”

  • Fixed OM-39341 Max Opening a native 3dsmax file should reset default prim

  • Fixed OM-40634 Export UV’s with texcoor2f[] rather than float2[]

  • Fixed OM-36750 Close USD doesn’t clear the 3dsMax

  • Fixed OM-35656, OM-36691 3dsMax application load times with connector installed

  • Fixed OM-36160 Materials break if MDL and native materials exported together

  • Fixed OM-36402 Graceful fail Forest Pack Pro nodes are in 3dsMax

  • Fixed OM-36500 When re-exporting an USD makes MDLs if export option is set to default

  • Fixed OM-16743 Crash after canceling Mirror with Live Sync Opening

  • Fixed OM-32706, OM-37346 vMaterials that use opacity maps are invisible/ fail to compile in Create

  • Fixed OM-37421 Saving to read only location on Nucleus does not alert user

  • Fixed OM-40534 Fails to show grouped objects when Live, must reopen file

  • Fixed OM-41508 During live sync cameras come in with differing perspectives if the scene is Y up


  • Fixed bug exporting OmniSurface Preset materials

  • Fixed file specific export issues involving mesh

  • Fixed Vray export issue reported on forums. ( Partial ) Do not support some localized string characters.

  • Fixed case where Save USD to a mounted file caused a crash

  • Fixed handling of materials with same name, now duplicates are auto renamed to be unique

  • Fixed OM-20165 Export throwing a Read error for layer

  • Fixed OM-24399 View Project disconnecting when opening a new scene

  • Fixed OM-25829 Variants made in Maya would not always open in 3dsMax

  • Fixed OM-29725 Fixed Cursor for file dialogs

  • Fixed OM-35651 native Physical and Standard materials exported USDPreview Surface incorrectly

  • Fixed OM-34536 Materials Include Dependencies failed for specific USD

  • Fixed OM-35216 Crash for opening specific USD file

  • Fixed OM-35284 Max error with Live timeline scrub

  • Fixed OM-35792 Save USd dropped Materials

  • Fixed OM-35891 Create New View Project failed to export

  • Fixed OM-35976 Exception in script after exporting and opening max file

  • Fixed OM-36144 Destination MDL templates path had unexpected behavior.

  • Fixed OM-36484 Reexport of existing USD file broke materials

  • Fixed OM-36616 Kind not being exported

  • Updated Core material Library


  • Added 3dsMax 2022 support

  • Added MDL Distiller - Users can now edit and visualize (limited) an MDL from USD files as well as create MDLs from with 3dsMax. See 3dsmax Material documentation.

  • Added Forcing pure gray materials when VRay version check fails. (edited)

  • Added USD Python Bindings

  • Added - Support for opening usd files that have usd shade graph generated be Create

  • Improved material export of native materials

  • Improved additional Vray support on export

  • Improved lag in some Live sync conditions

  • Improved Vray export - No version up material names on repeated exports.

  • Improved VRayFastSSS2 correct units.

  • Improved bump amount matches better with VRay.

  • Fixed Embedded MDL failure for AEC project

  • Changed Export Option - Embedded MDL removed from UI and default to on. Script command available to control it.

    • Limitation - changed values on these material nodes may not work with save USD / Live USD.


  • Fixed an issue where some assets would have wrong position on export due to xform.

  • Fixed Export to multiple files failing in some cases

  • Fixed a bug where a new view project to disc would fail

  • Improved material transparency for native material export

  • Improved V-ray export support. Nodes added are Vray Bitmap , 3dsMax Blend, 3dsMax Standard Output

  • Other various bug fixes


  • OMNIVERSE® Toolbar replaces the Omniverse Panel

  • Improved OMNIVERSE® file browser

  • Support OMNIVERSE® View Projects for AEC

  • More native material types export to MDL

  • Vray to MDL on Export

  • Improved USD Preview Surface support for export and Open USD

  • Save USD

    • Known limitations - See General for details.

  • Import USD

    • Known limitation - See General for details.

  • Improved Instance support

  • General stability and bug fixes.

  • Client Library Updated

  • Core MDL library updated

2020.2.2 Hotfix

  • Client Library Updated

    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes (very rarely) cause data loss.

2020.2 Hotfix

  • Client Library Updated

    • Fixed a bug that would sometimes (very rarely) cause data loss if you got a disconnect while uploading a file.

    • Fixed a bug that would fail to download a file if it was an exact multiple of 1MB

  • New sign in dialog removes username field

2020.2 Point Release

Added Features

  • Added Support for 3dsMax 2021

  • Updated core material library

  • Live timeline scrubbing

  • Improved mesh triangulation for subdivision surfaces

  • USDA (Ascii) supported for local export

  • Updated latest OMNIVERSE® client library

  • Local export improved

  • General performance improvements

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with Live Sync stopping while working

  • Fixed issue with Live Sync check box that is always disabled

  • Fixed issue with Variant Live Sync controls breaking after changing them in View

  • Fixed issue with Live Sync connection requiring an extra export

  • Fixed issue when exporting over existing USD

  • OmniPBR_Opacity.mdl only exports when cutout map is used

2020.1 Point Release

  • Basic camera support

  • Model Variants

  • CSV Material Export

  • Bug fixes on material handling