Live Workflow

The Live Workflow for 3dsmax and Omniverse enabled an artist to see or share immediate results for certain workflows. 3dsmax best suited for a a variety of Live Workflows.

  • Live Modeling

  • Quick Edit - Modifications to an existing USD Prop.

  • Timeline Scrub - Adjust the state of a prop based on the frame time.

  • Blocking - Block out small compositions with camera and lights.


For more information on Live Workflows visit.

Live Controls

The Live on/off button allows Live Updates to occur. It can be accessed from the OMNIVERSE® toolbar.

  • This control is only enabled when there is a USD file is currently opened. * A USD file can be linked to the 3dsmax session by exporting a file to USD, opening a USD file, or linking to a USD file.

  • User can modify what types of operations are updated Live from the Omniverse Settings Live Settings panel on the Live tab.

Fetch USD


For more information on Live Workflows visit.


Known Limitations - Must save file to Omniverse server for Live workflows. Live is disabled if the target USD has animation. Name changes to objects in the scene explorer may not register correctly, change names in modifier panel instead.