Code 2023.1.1

Release Notes

Release Date: August 2023

Extension Changes

  • added extension omni.anim.retarget.core 105.0.14

  • added extension omni.anim.skelJoint 105.0.122

  • added extension omni.asset_validator.ui 0.6.2

  • added extension omni.kit.asset_converter 2.0.8

  • added extension omni.kit.browser.deepsearch 1.1.1

  • added extension omni.kit.browser.sample 1.4.5

  • added extension omni.kit.data2ui.core 1.0.6

  • added extension omni.kit.data2ui.usd 1.0.6

  • added extension omni.kit.graph.delegate.neo 1.0.5

  • added extension omni.kit.graph.editor.example 1.0.22

  • added extension omni.kit.ngsearch 0.2.2

  • added extension omni.kit.tool.asset_exporter 1.2.5

  • added extension omni.kit.tool.asset_importer 2.4.14

  • added extension omni.kit.viewport.menubar.framerate 1.0.6

  • added extension 105.0.5

  • added extension omni.kit.widget.extended_searchfield 1.0.21

  • added extension omni.kit.window.material_graph 1.8.9

  • added extension omni.no_code_ui.bundle 1.0.6

  • added extension omni.pip.compute 1.1.0

  • added extension omni.replicator.core 1.9.8

  • added extension 0.9.2

  • added extension omni.simready.explorer 1.0.26

  • added extension omni.usd.metrics.assembler 105.1.4

  • added extension omni.usd.metrics.assembler.physics 105.1.2

  • added extension omni.usd.metrics.assembler.ui 105.1.7

  • added extension omni.usd.schema.metrics.assembler 105.1.2

  • added extension omni.warp 0.8.2

  • added extension semantics.schema.editor 0.3.4


  • OM-74612: Fix time unit issue in linux


  • OM-86759: Set extension to startup asap to allow other extensions to add tasks without deadlocking the app.

  • OM-81978: Fix issue where the activity profiler implementation was not being notified of fiber event start/stops.

  • OM-81978: Added new omni.activity.profiler extension/carb plugin.

  • OM-100961: Add docs

  • OM-98210: load layout twice as 1st time layout can be wrong

  • OM-97956: early out if no menu layouts

  • OM-97472: Keep windows open when load default layout at startup to make sure…

  • OM-96561: Do not keep windows open if reset layout to default

  • OM-94312: Re-add ability to load renderer in background that was removed.

  • OM-93646: setup imgui when app ready otherwise there will be crash in Linux


  • OM-96889: support copy/paste while livestreaming.


  • OM-80423: Removing legacy omnitrace settings

  • OM-82320: OmniClient : Protect shutdown

  • OM-74741: Fix issues that treat paths as urls for creating payloads and references


  • OM-98575: Crash when recreating variables on an empty omni.graph.

  • OM-94470: Integrate 25031 into 23.04-105.0.0

  • OM-79641: new OG node to lock and unlock viewport render

  • OM-64040: Upgrading controller docs

  • OM-86952: Fix deprecated np.float usage that causes omni.graph.core to fail to import

  • OM-86723: Modification to PushGraph and PullGraph executor visitation strategies to ignore cycles.

  • OM-79721: EF: Add Graph Concepts Doc

  • OM-84605: Code generator incremental build fix

  • OM-86231: Compute topological depth, use it for type resolution

  • OM-79721: Add pass concepts doc

  • OM-70763, OM-70764, OM-79778: Another Pass Through Core OG Nodes to Assign Scheduling Hints + Updated Scheduling Hints Docs

  • OM-84442: Reverse cudaPointers default”

  • OM-86367: EF: Add TOC Scaffolding

  • OM-85371: Write prim with an auto converted input was not loading correctly from USD

  • OM-84654: Move nodes out of omni.graph.ui into omni.graph.ui_nodes

  • Vectorized I/O nodes

  • OM-85414: Executing a Graph Does Not Set ExecutionCurrentThread Info For Top-Level Node Graph Def

  • OM-79643: Change default index for static version of internal state to the authoring graph index. Add wrappers to return shared and per-instance state.

  • OM-67857: Added graph traversal utility functions

  • OM-81577: Fix Animation Instance Sample

  • OM-77809: New Bundle Data Model

  • Fix evaluating an instantiated graph through ABI with the legacy framework

  • OM-84900: Add support for compute incomplete

  • OM-77236, OM-80903: Loading of Default Values for Compound Node Types

  • OM-84762: Fix conversion methods

  • OM-84614: Fix some spurious errors

  • OM-83847: Rebuild python Database if input bundles are invalid

  • OM-84129: Fix for loop writing array attribute to prim

  • OM-71827: Expose IGraphContext::getInputTargetBundles() to python bindings

  • OM-83642: Organize by developer type

  • OM-40558: BundleContents delay attribute cache creation until needed.

  • OM-70350: Add ResolveAttrTypeCommand

  • OM-80193: Do not clear OGN db when modifying the graph bucket + Locking bucket reconstruct

  • OM-82751, OM-80250: Timecode inputs as NAN

  • OM-70314: Documented node writing experiences

  • OM-79847: Fix python node not working in instantiated graph / Makes python internal state per instance

  • OM-74291: Variant nodes update

  • OM-79835: Made the interfaces project name unique

  • OM-81771: Documentation rearrangement

  • OM-82005: Adopt “Isolate” Scheduling Constraint for “usd-write” Nodes.

  • OM-70763: Adding “thread safe” Scheduling Hints to Core OG Nodes.

  • OM-67438: soft-deprecate OG path-changed callbacks

  • OM-82891: Remove Py_Bundle and replace it with IBundle and IConstBundle

  • OM-82607: Allow OG token arrays to be edited in property panel

  • OM-79774 Turn EF on by default

  • OM-79855: fix OnGamepadInput for graph instancing

  • OM-79931: New node GetGraphTargetId

  • OM-71827: Deprecate PrimHandle

  • OM-75820,OM-75821,OM-75851: new viewport nodes

  • Gives access to underlying handle in SimpleAttribute

  • OM-77902: Remove use of push change notice from IGenericNodeGraphDef

  • OM-67075: Enable thread safe flag on ReadPrimAttribute

  • OM-80902: metadata API calls for attribute templates.

  • Prevent too many “prepare” in a graph while propagating type resolution

  • OM-78615 CompoundNodeType ABI and Unstable Framework

  • Fix for action graph executor

  • OM-59368 OM-59367 OM-80593 OM-51569 OM-59371: Add support to play sounds

  • OM-75820: Added OgnSetViewportFullscreen which sets the display mode for the viewport(s) and all other panes.

  • Removed workarounds added for initial EF implementation, not necessary anymore

  • Vectorization and Threading

  • Convert some nodes to be vectorization friendly

  • OM-79855: Fix OnKeyboardInput for instancing

  • OM-63425: Add execution framework implementation of action graph

  • OM-60912 Handle inf nan

  • Modify usd AFTER changing internal structure

  • Fixes downstream extensions compile errors following vectorization changes

  • OM-47264 Make build more flexible

  • OM-77524 Let commands raise exceptions

  • OM-29532: OM-35032: OM-72643: OM-62463: OM-63134: Proper OmniGraph vectorization and instancing

  • OM-77076 Fix deferred invalidation

  • OM-70419: Write prims

  • OM-77157 Description and DisplayName metadata for compound nodes

  • OM-76862: ReadPrims sets interpolation token

  • OM-70109 Fix inspection output

  • OM-54618: UsdSkel Support in Read Prims

  • OM-74468: Adding OGN Types to compound inputs and outputs.

  • OM-63425: Quality of life ef improvements

  • OM-75456: Made attribute union definitions load from a configuration file.

  • OM-60068: Fix plugin unload

  • OM-76054: Undo redo crash

  • OM-75756: og.core.Settings.temporary improvements

  • OM-75719: EF evaluation fix

  • OM-74701: Rework metadata for bundle and attribute for dirty ids

  • OM-63425: Add natvis for OG GraphObj and SmallVector

  • OM-73311: Fixed crash when accessing resolved strings through Fabric

  • OM-74490: Fix string defaults

  • OM-73665: Fixed errors when grouping undos.

  • OM-72323: Stage attach OG optimization

  • OM-72650, OM-72645: Fix OmniGraph instance invalidation

  • OM-62097, OM-63097: Added documentation for running an OmniGraph script with minimal Kit dependencies

  • OM-50157: Removed the USD related settings

  • OM-70915: Fix NodeTypeDef references when compounds are deleted.

  • OM-67449: Add AG node OnMessageBusEvent

  • OM-36996: Add gpu access to dynamic attributes

  • OM-70633, OM-58641: Remove the prim node (KPP)

  • OM-70414: Fixed OG Crashed when loading usd with non-zero start time

  • OM-50153: Remove support for direct prim connections

  • OM-67438: Ground work for default-deprecate of INode::registerPathChangedCallback

  • OM-67081: Add get_kit_version() to og utils


  • OM-85604: Ignore pause/resume in OnStageEvent

  • OM-81222: OnStageEvent handles new event - “Hierarchy Changed”

  • OM-81485: Handle dynamic attribute add/remove in ActionGraphDef


  • OM-97313: Properly apply default OGN values if no value is present in the USD file

  • OM-95924: Make sure default node type methods propagate to nodes upon reload of a DLL.

  • OM-86840: Fix for “Once”, + expose “Countdown” node

  • OM-86680: Crash fix (misuse of an API)

  • Do not serialize default OGN values to USD

  • Do not make a deepCopy with a badly typed source variable

  • OM-84784: Fix for updateSimStepUsd_abi to work without a global implicit graph which has been deprecated.

  • OM-84199: Invalidates OGN DBs on every new upstream connection

  • OM-80251 Propagating type resolution over compounds causes bad data to show up in fabric

  • OM-81998: Don’t access missing bucket in DataModel::copyAndWrite

  • OM-79774 Make sure NodeGraphDef is invalidated at the end of OG graph reset

  • OM-79774 Matching bypass as in legacy mode for update loop bypass.

  • OM-79774 Reset cuda device to 0 similar to static scheduler

  • Fixes an assert in debug build

  • Fixes concurrent DB storing on node and initial preparation when using EF

  • OM-79771 Safe dispatch with improvements to serial task scheduling to avoid hangs

  • Node enumeration instead of collected into a container

  • Prevent copy error by not triggering USD notice handler when setting initial value while creating an attribute

  • OM-80018: Fix crash when adding an instance to an empty graph

  • Fix release not called on node deletion in response to USD notice handler

  • OM-79827 Fix OG node definition name in EF

  • Call ABI release when a node is destroyed through the ABIs

  • OM-63425: Groundwork for Action EF executor

  • Missing include that prevent some downstream extensions to compile properly on linux

  • Moved “per-graph push back to usd” in the ABI only call

  • OM-77942 Introduce matching profiling instrumentation to computation without EF

  • OM-77898: OmniGraph: enable precompile headers + cleanup includes

  • OM-74160: Optimize action graph handling of large fan-in

  • OM-75582: Fix for write back to usd to not cache BucketId

  • Update Carbonite to v138.0

  • OM-75558: accessing the size of an inexistent array was returning 1

  • OM-75593: DataModel copyAttributeInternal can create connection pointing to itself

  • OM-73280: Deprecate use schema prims

  • OM-63385 Represent ogPostProcessPathToken as string in Fabric

  • OM-63424 lazy dirty push graph with refactoring and abi

  • EF: Fix OG No Schema Support (Fixes OM-72649, OM-72622)

  • OM-50149: Deprecate global implicit graph

  • OM-67678: Fix for OG crash on detach

  • Removes a file that confuses doc generation

  • Added some natvis files for USD types, Fabric types, and OmniGraph types

  • OM-50149: Deprecated settings to errors

  • OM-67557: Add external time to FrameIdentifier and OGN nodes ( !19930)


  • OM-79721: Debugging doc

  • OM-79721: Improve Execution Framework Overview docs

  • OM-67076: Add documentation and improvements


  • OM-84545 Make Array: changed the default arraySize

  • 20x perf improvement for vectorized AppendPath node

  • OM-64067 Absolute Value Node

  • OM-78182: Fix write prims

  • Deprecated old node, made new one operate on 1 instance, but vectorization friendly

  • OM-74280,OM-74289,OM-74294,OM-74295,OM-74296,OM-74298,OM-77878 Add OgnHasVariantSet, OgnGetVariantNames, OgnGetVariantSelection,…

  • OM-78009: Shared Xform and BBox Cache for all primitives

  • OM-74168: feat: add bundle hierarchy inspection for BundleInspector

  • OM-54618: replaced a custom interpolation attribute with standard metadata attribute

  • OM-74596: attribute type and data got lost after modifying time code of ReadPrims

  • OM-74884: Forces “WriteVariable” node to copy the value to the variable location in order to prevent reference feedback loop with CoW

  • OM-59439: Optimize type switching pattern of Magnitude node

  • OM-59439: Optimize type switching pattern of Normalize node

  • WritePrimAttribute auto conversion compatibility

  • OM-70586: Fix for bug in state initialization for GatherByPath, FindPrims

  • OM-70559: Custom layout for property panel of the GetPrims node

  • OM-57936: A new node for filtering primitives in a bundle by path and type

  • OM-64074 OM-64075 OM-65484 PatternMatcher that adds exclude pattern option


  • OM-90901: Fix scriptnode bugs

  • OM-72628: Fix for scriptnode snippets

  • OM-78762: Fixes an issue where the Omni Graph build fails with filenames over a certain length

  • OM-77241: Modified the Python imports in generated code to be sorted

  • OM-75456: Quick fix for finding the union type configuration file

  • OM-47264: Ogn docs generator path fix


  • OM-97356: Fix for exception in unresolved OG widget

  • OM-91791: Filter problematic graph events

  • OM-85971: Fix bug in ReadViewportPressState logic

  • OM-84598: Handle more exceptions from omni.graph.ui

  • OM-85488: Fix exception in property context menu

  • OM-84598: Check for None to avoid exceptions with mismatched node selections

  • OM-79855: Remove the instancing/node incompatibility warning

  • OM-66421: Hunt down cause of crash

  • OM-82794: Add usdWriteBack to WritePrimAttribute template [Fixed]

  • OM-82623: Change ComputeNodeWidget label to reflect node type

  • OM-82794: Add usdWriteBack to WritePrimAttribute template

  • OM-75851: Runtime initialization for the inputs:renderer attribute of OgnSetViewportRenderer

  • OM-75820: Correct namespace of the OgnSetViewportFullscreen node

  • Fix variable panel not refreshing runtime values

  • OM-72385: Better error logging for UI nodes

  • OM-73191: Make sure variable color widgets use AbstractItemModel. Rollback…

  • OM-74760: Fixed tab not working on Variable widgets

  • OM-48327: Variable values visibility


  • Nodes created from the QuickSearch window by clicking on an item or pressing ENTER will now be created at the position the mouse was at when QuickSearch was invoked.

  • Clicking on a node type in the QuickSearch window will reliably create the node.

  • Replaced deprecated omni.graph.core.MetadataKeys references with

  • Enable double-click to enter compound nodes


  • Support for only selecting backdrops only by header bar.

  • Moved backdropGetter so we can pass in the GraphWidget, to be able to get node sizes.

  • The node catalog and QuickSearch now search the UI name of the node type rather than its internal name.

  • The node catalog and QuickSearch no longer search the node description.

  • The matching of search terms can now be spread between the node type and its category.

  • If a category matches the search terms it will be expanded even if none of its nodes match.

  • Clicking on a node type in the QuickSearch window will reliably create the node.

  • Enabled compound subgraphs for all builds

  • Variables nodes are now correctly created in compound graphs

  • Added input and output virtual nodes when using a compound subgraph

  • Added OmniNote functionality.

  • Only enable new graph delegate behaviour if compounds are enabled and compound subgraphs are supported

  • Context menus for add/remove/rename ports for compounds

  • Double click to edit compound names and port names

  • Use compound name rather than type, regardless of the type as name setting

  • Replaced deprecrated omni.graph.core.MetadataKeys references with

  • Replaced deprecrated omni.graph.core.get_global_container_graphs references with get_global_orchestration_graphs

  • Replaced deprecrated refs with

  • Breadcrumbs should use the compound name rather than the subgraph name

  • Select compound node after creation

  • Moved force_regenerate = True to omni.kit.widget.graph

  • Added RMB menu option to edit a compound

  • Re-enable double-click to enter compounds

  • Prim drop menu was always dropping ReadPrims.

  • Updated another golden image

  • Updated golden images

  • OmniGraphView.screen_to_view(), .mouse_to_view() and .mouse_to_screen()

  • Dialog windows in the graph editor not appearing at mouse pointer.

  • Invisible zombie dialog boxes never being destroyed.

  • Collapse nodes to a subgraph compound node

  • Added deprecation warning for bundle attributes without ‘allowMultiInputs’ metadata

  • Deprecated commands: OGSetUsdUINodeGraphNodeAttrCommand, OGRemoveUsdUIPositionAttrCommand

  • too many refreshes when attribute values change

  • Reverted compound MR that enables subgraphs

  • Ability to double-click and open up compound nodes

  • Added subgraphs to the list of graphs that can be switched to in the drop-down

  • Fixed issue where connections were always removed when making multiple connections.

  • The node help icon only appears when hovering over the header now and only after a half-second delay.

  • Only clicking with the left mouse button will bring up node help now.

  • Dragging on the help icon won’t bring up help.

  • Type conversion context menu to nodes

  • Added more general way to handle relationship connections

  • Removed implicit multi-connection support for target types. Now relys on allowMultiInputs metadata.

  • Call rebuild node when attributes are resolved

  • ActionGraph Subgraphs created in code or in older versions can be opened without exceptions in the editor.

  • Dragging a prim into the editor and reading bundles now brings in a ReadPrims node in 105 and greater.

  • Fixed some invalid type hinting.

  • The node context menu now appears even when there is no selected node

  • Added better check for newest mouse position functions

  • Added Actions and Hotkeys for Copy & Paste in OmniGraphs.


  • Nodes created from the QuickSearch window by clicking on an item or pressing ENTER will now be created at the position the mouse was at when QuickSearch was invoked.

  • Clicking on a node type in the QuickSearch window will reliably create the node.

  • Updated golden image

  • Replaced deprecrated omni.graph.core.MetadataKeys references with

  • Ability to double-click and enter compounds

  • Added filter_fn to Generic Graph, to specify valid prims to paste into the graph.


  • OM-82353: Make sure to clear engine instances out when unloading a HydraEngine factory.


  • OM-74286: Fix for aarch64 + cudann


  • Remove duplicated run_warmup argument

  • Cache new root folders during warmup

  • OM-96989: Default not build ui when startup

  • OM-88159: Change collect default folder to content folder which set in launcher.

  • OM-84608: When double click on asset item to add into viewport, respect payload options in Preferences


  • OM-96989: Default not build ui when startup

  • OM-88278: Fix error when display download dialog


  • OM-95405: Make spinner height to fit item

  • OM-88159: Add item right click function for tree category delegate.

  • OM-93878: Fix issue when changing thumbnail size for items without thumbnail

  • OM-75191: Make spinner faster (1.5x speed)


  • Enable caching new root folders during warmup

  • Make category count right to add new folder to a existed category item

  • If different url found in cache file, should set has_cache to False

  • Replace “%20” with space in category(folder) and detail(file) name

  • When register external folder, check duplicated by name in existing category items


  • Cache new root folders during warmup


  • Cache new root folders during warmup

  • OM-99320: Update lazy menu text


  • OM-79857: Check carb_window in case of running headless


  • OM-101526: Telemetry: added structured log events for joining and leaving a live-edit collaboration session.

  • OM-95618: Fix issue that resizes viewport will clear follow user menu

  • OM-59033: Add support to follow user in a live session

  • OM-86489: Fix to make it work for both Kit 105 and 104


  • OM-65391: Add support for pre- and post-undo callbacks.


  • OM-90810: Document Builder Links not opening on Windows

  • OM-99488: omni.kit.documentation.builder: support links in lists & simpler image scaling

  • OM-73367: krd incorrectly detects docbuilder when nested


  • OM-97507: When ground material changed, bind it again with cloned material in same layer as old binding

  • OM-89354: Change “roughness amount” to 0.0 in default ground material


  • OM-66069: The pencil should appear on hover over the entire lane


  • OM-93588: xform does not update in ui viewport, OM-93607: Bounding box base doesn’t work for lights and cameras

  • OM-85223: manipulator.prim handles being set to unknown modes

  • Add support for gizmo delta values


  • OM-97320 Changed SnapSettingsListener to better handle array setting

  • OM-73077 Allow context menu to be properly triggered by RMB on prim manipulator toolbar


  • OM-96940: Material library lib_paths work with omni.client paths

  • OM-96231: Prevent material library logging “mdl_list_cache is not complete” warning

  • OM-91518: Fixed ComboBox settings widget double slash in it’s xpath as shown in inspector

  • OM-18282: Material named enums in property window

  • OM-83870: Make user aware of app restarts when the material config is changed

  • OM-77301: Added app info to material cache version

  • OM-81642: Fix wrong refcounting of mi::neuraylib::INeuray pointer.

  • Prepare for SimPBR support

  • Move renderer material search path settings from kit-kernel to omni.kit.material.library

  • OM-67058 & OM-75244: Change default view to list view and record the last browsed directory for Content Browser

  • OM-66817: Renamed some actions & updated message

  • OM-93432: [omni.kit.viewport.actions] Add toggle_global_visibility action

  • OM-86361: Update Open Recent menu to retrieve file list from file_utils queue

  • OM-38905: Move File/Reopen into File/Recent/ submenu

  • OM-92948: Menu layout improvement. added MenuLayoutItem.source_search

  • OM-81683: remove() will not be called on an item that is not in th self._menu_defs dict.

  • OM-78773: fixed missing import

  • OM-70899: Added menu debug window

  • OM-70614: Optimize rebuilds during startup


  • OM-26614: Use texCoord2d[] for primvars:st type

  • OM-73416: Fix import

  • OM-73416: Primitive mesh and graph io to depend optionally on ui


  • OM-98765: Linux - Use build of Tracy that will run on AMD CPUs

  • OM-59763: code coverage

  • OM-96811: fix undefined variable error

  • OM-62571: Add “Instance” function to add menu

  • OM-34911: add property command that can be undone

  • OM-65656: Custom Visual Attributes with Placeholders for Property Window

  • OM-86631: Update UsdShade schema attributes

  • OM-85566: Fix material sub-identifier list not populating

  • OM-72888: Material property widget rebuilding with every change

  • OM-70933: Cleanup material properties ui

  • OM-70151: UsdMaterialAttributeWidget updates

  • OM-72328: Tag Registry for SkelAnimationAnnotation Prims

  • OM-72327: Added the skel_animation_annotation property widget and icon for skel_animation_annotation

  • OM-67447: Fix euler quat widget value synchronization

  • OM-79996: Remove the prefix for HDR dragged from environment window

  • OM-95621: Payload Browse button is not working

  • OM-95512: USD Property Widget error when selecting multiple USDSkel meshes

  • OM-54539: fixes to property window floating_point_builder mixed changes

  • OM-82347: Asset file picker does not block selection of invalid file or folder

  • OM-54539: property window floating_point_builder now hides mixed when editing starts

  • OM-84124: widget PyBind11 “fix”

  • OM-81218: Python Crash When Using FilePath Widgets with StringFields

  • OM-76974: Relationship widget bugs and UI improvements, OM-77269: MMRelationshipEditWidget is broken

  • OM-60981: Allows attributes on any USD prim type to set a default value using default

  • OM-63212: Improved relationships widget

  • OM-63212: Improved relationships widget

  • OM-73191: Fix variable widget update problems. Return models created by build…

  • OM-59879: Linux-friendly copy and paste

  • OM-52743: all property window CollapsableFrame user changes are remembered


  • add support for https package URLs

  • OM-97952: Add a setting to completely disable cache prune

  • OM-96774: Cleanup corrupted local cache

  • OM-96133: Fix extensions cache invalidation

  • extensions: better error for omit version + multiple version installation

  • OM-95915: Fix build time usage with kit-kernel package

  • [ext publishing]: handle authors and repository for public registry

  • Fix installation of debug/release extension with the same hash

  • OM-83221: when installing extensions locked on kitHash keep the target lock updated in extension.gen.toml

  • OM-61512: allow for quick publish verification as part of build

  • Fix double registry sync and slow publish

  • fix double registry sync

  • Registry stripping level support

  • Fix registry prune

  • Write package archive path into downloaded extension for thin packaging


  • OM-41127: Fixing a bug in RenderCapture


  • OM-84140: [IRenderer] Fixed crash when toggling present thread

  • OM-81089: Fix crash in compatibility mode when we’re running out of resource descriptors

  • OM-62284: [IRenderer] beginSyncScope should be called in the same thread with waitForFrame; dirty flag for resize


  • OM-82643: Vulkan driver initialization crashes in / libc / getenv()


  • OM-95442: Continue adding null pointer checks.

  • OM-95442: Fix possible null dereference

  • OM-91998, OM-87462: Add additional startup and window checks.

  • OM-75223: editor_menu bridge fix error in set_on_click as action_name isn’t defined

  • OM-53542: editor_menu re-enabled auto-release for fastShutdown


  • OM-98672, OM-100382: Telemetry: updated Carbonite to get several recent telemetry changes.


  • OM-87405: Improve collect tool to report progress of collecting dependencies

  • OM-81383: Fix variable reference of collect tool

  • OM-80511: Support exclusion rules to bypass collecting specified url patterns


  • OM-87405: Use sync layer save instead of async one to avoid hang

  • OM-87405: Fix possible hang caused by calling pybind11 bindings from USD boost python


  • OM-97135: Fix possible crash caused by moving/re-parent live prims

  • OM-96862: Remove metrics assembler layers from dirty layers (they cant be saved anyway)

  • OM-96085: Fix issue of duplication to avoid duplicating live layer for live prim

  • OM-94289: Fix live sessions discovery for multiple layers that are in the same folder

  • OM-93329: Clear auto-reload settings after stage closing

  • OM-78386: Send event before joining a live session

  • OM-72997: Supports options to auto-load outdated layers

  • OM-83984: Fix more runtime performances caused by subscribing all layer changes except sublayers

  • OM-64368: Improvements and fixes for joining live session of prim

  • OM-83984: Safe check to url scheme to avoid possible crash

  • OM-72997, OM-80704: Add support to join live session for reference or payload prim

  • OM-83984: More improvements to the performance of loading stage with thousands of layers

  • OM-80704: Add supports to detect outdate status for references and payloads

  • OM-73853, OM-66762: Fix merge permission issue for live session of sublayers


  • OM-80197: Fix issues with startup scene display value propagation.

  • OM-80595, OM-61405: Add missing grid, axis, outline actions and hot keys and fix mixed-mode show-by type.

  • OM-95549: For built-in cameras, always write property value to session layer

  • OM-73295: Be able to override the viewport menu item for render and camera

  • OM-91342: Fix slider and range issues in menu items.

  • OM-84472: Add unique identifiers for camera setting menu items in viewport

  • OM-64798: Make menubar expand status right even collapsed without viewport size changed


  • OM-87166: Viewport settings fix for “Render Resolution” submenu not always showing

  • OM-90924, OM-94089, OM-70794: Get correct label size with spacer width for IconMenuDelegate

  • OM-77174: Update preference page when viewport menubar item enabled/disabled


  • OM-59447, OM-71977: Move transform manipulator settings; add visible property for omni.kit.viewport.menubar.core.ViewportMenuItem

  • OM-48501: Improve on custom resolution


  • OM-97682: [omni.kit.viewport.ready] Wrap log_message in try/finally block to ensure proper destruction.


  • OM-96991: [omni.kit.widget.viewport] Auto attach to renderer earlier in startup.

  • OM-77423: Fix incorrect alphabetical order for some render passes in Debug View menu

  • OM-73054: Change display name of Debug Views known to always cause flashing colors


  • OM-90776, OM-94271, OM-94274: Fix some UI issues.

  • OM-77770: Support delayed renderer and extension load better.

  • OM-76434: Viewport uses


  • OM-99322: Add vertical bar in What’s New and Learn page

  • OM-100836: Wait longer before executing open stage to make sure the layout file by welcome window is completed

  • OM-95355: There is no options button for sample browser widget


  • OM-95681: Update Open icon


  • OM-87075, OM-97503: Bulk Drag-n-Move to New Directory in “Content Browser” Freezes Create Indefinitely

  • OM-35385: Fix the expand issue for FileBrowser’s tree view

  • OM-91073: Check grid view’s card paths to prevent build card more than once in sometimes

  • OM-80056: Filebrowser udim items can have thumbnails

  • OM-70157: Switching between List/different Grid View sizes in the Content Browser, shouldn’t reset your selection

  • OM-66726: Enable expanding/collapsing bookmarks folder

  • OM-67900: Messages prepend in Content Browser on file copy

  • OM-72965, OM-70157: Filepicker / FileBrowser updates

  • OM-70154: Fix subscript issue when dictionary has values.

  • OM-70154: Add the ability to center the selected item in file browser grid view

  • OM-63433: Use content_clipping to speed up item display in file picker

  • OM-73238: Fixes access flags for filesystem entries

  • OM-66270: File explorer list vs thumbnail view mode not persistent


  • OM-98389: Don’t restore edit target from root when it opens stage with live session

  • OM-86143: Update to client library 2.31.1

  • OM-72995: “Quick start default session”

  • OM-97559, OM-97053: Support viewer only mode for live session management widget

  • OM-72355: Prompt if layer is outdate or dirty before live.


  • OM-96615: Disable rasterization of dependency graph in extension manager to prevent black screen

  • OM-79226: Sets force_regenerate in layout_all method

  • OM-89344: Fix COLUMNS node layout

  • OM-57352: better snapping for graph connection


  • OM-75466: Add missing carb.input import


  • OM-81777: Buttons to show suggestions instead of Treeview

  • OM-81777: Buttons to show suggestions instead of Treeview

  • OM-82940: sync latest searchfield widget changes from kit-widgets


  • OM-63204: Fixed omni.kit.widget.settings showing value modified when it wasn’t


  • OM-98087: Fix issue that coroutine references released treeview

  • OM-96637: Fix drag and drop to stage

  • OM-95462: Remove hotkey for Save Selected Prim

  • OM-84576: Fix stage filtering when new sublayer is inserted if search text is not empty

  • OM-78842: Context menu support actions and display hotkey bindings

  • OM-83179: Fix for stage window opening context menu twice

  • OM-83565: Updates stage icons for character motion library and ability.

  • Integrate omnijoint icon

  • OM-75753: Fix style of search result in stage window

  • OM-64841: Update usd_ext_animation and usd_ext_anim_retargeting schema libraries related…

  • OM-27116: Support to show displayName meta for prim in stage window

  • fix omniskel python error


  • OM-101580: omni.kit.widget.toolbar: Fix error accessing _play_button and _stop_button

  • OM-98239: Replace log warning deprecation by log_deprecation

  • OM-96550: selection icon doesn’t change when toggling prim/model mode


  • OM-82815: CheckpointCombobox could be used in Modal window with new argument “modal=true”

  • OM-82815: Add more arguments and properties for CheckpointCombobox to use in Welcome window

  • OM-34851: Add checkpoint widget card selected style for card label for better visibility

  • OM-72783: add description for restored checkpoint


  • OM-77007: Support for disabling camera and render settings from being save to the stage

  • OM-81969: Fix possibility of timeline playing/ticking without a stage.


  • OM-92880: About window support custom icon images

  • OM-90611: About fix. Added missing app info to clipboard copy

  • OM-82819: New about window

  • OM-82819: Refactor to use about widget in welcome screen

  • OM-61509: Add the USD and MDL SDK version to the Create About

  • OM-72432: About Window : Remove unused omni.usd import


  • OM-80084: Invalid raster cache when Console is updated

  • OM-66981: Console: Select All + Copy Messages does not work


  • OM-95442: Add setting to avoid calls still crashing on OVC.


  • Cache new root folders during warmup

  • Cache environment type to speed up UI loading time

  • Update menu text for lazy menu


  • OM-93226: Extension window filter & sort by button change color when used

  • OM-72961: Smart doc url button

  • OM-72156: Fix toggleable=false to disable the disabling


  • OM-96962: Delay computation of usd file exts so it doesn’t take up startup time

  • OM-96626: ‘Select’ button is grayed out for some valid screenshot locations

  • OM-91056: File Save As dialog automatically selecting and setting filename

  • OM-91678: fixing extension filtering in file_importer extension

  • OM-60125: “Select Files to Save” window set (W) 600 x (H) 320 as the initial…

  • OM-78341: Fixed issue when apply button is disabled when only showing folders

  • OM-78341: Disable apply button for FileBar if no filename is specified

  • OM-76008: File exporter show folders only option

  • OM-79121: Set file postfix and extension directly rather than restoring from settings

  • OM-76785: file_importer : Fix bug when USD python bindings are not available

  • OM-76785: Quick fixes for file_importer and file_exporter

  • OM-71846: Update docs for content_browser, file_importer and file_exporter extensions


  • OM-99312: Hide the loading pane whenever no item exists in ‘navigate to’ progress.

  • OM-96744, OM-98185: File name text at the bottom left in the Remix file location dialog box should be more visible to the user

  • OM-97027: Fix navigate to api performance issue.

  • OM-94624, OM-94622, OM-94626: Improve the context menu of content browser and fix grammatical error

  • OM-63921: Add timestamp in file browsers

  • OM-84704: Copy URL Link in content browser not working under Linux

  • OM-85979: Minor cleanup of filebrowser/filepicker code base

  • OM-66726: Content Browser should edit bookmarks similar to Navigator

  • OM-85202: Update to omni-usd-resolver 1.26.0

  • OM-49484, OM-75018, OM-76995: Replace filepicker change directory popup with a loading pane inside filebrowser widget

  • OM-82815: Update for open page in Welcome window

  • OM-78338: Make the filepicker dialog filebar’s drop down menus stay intact.

  • OM-34407: Creating a new checkpoint doesn’t immediately update the checkpoint list

  • OM-66726: Refactor BookmarkModel for simpler interface

  • OM-66726: Content Browser should edit bookmarks similar to Navigator

  • OM-75883: Don’t show context menu for collection node in Content Browser

  • OM-76015: Do not skip the default item filters when a custom filter is specified

  • OM-76165: Fixes missing file details

  • OM-66270: File explorer list vs thumbnail view mode not persistent

  • OM-73774: Refresh server after successfully making a connection

  • OM-71835: Auto-connect user specified servers at startup

  • OM-52387, OM-65811: Content browser should support all the basic folder operations found in Navigator

  • OM-70383: Fix drive letters Y and Z missing in FilePickerView

  • OM-66785: Improve FilePicker init time


  • OM-94748: PreferenceBulderUI page frame scrollbar policy to AS_NEEDED

  • OM-94455: [IRenderer] Fixed crash when turning on and off vsync

  • OM-94447: Change default pacing preset for No Pacing

  • OM-80515: Preferences window supports ui.Workspace.show_window()

  • OM-81830: Fix error in preference window when additionalUserPaths/additionalSystemPaths is set

  • OM-81628: Obtain shared dir path from ${shared_documents}

  • OM-79398: Add OMM setting to Preferences/Rendering

  • OM-70605: Refactor to use file_importer for omni.kit.window.preferences to only create FilePickerDialog on demand

  • OM-72669: Added MGPU setting to Preferences/Rendering

  • OM-85600: Fix property window managed_frame

  • OM-83600: Add _window_frame back for backwards compatibility

  • OM-74163: fix for notify not setting schema or payload


  • OM-74048: Don’t show context menu for headers of stage widget


  • OM-95717: omni.kit.window.toolbar: remove deprecated warning and use

  • OM-60382: Implement Create Kind modifications defined on design page

  • OM-83191: Fix a couple of more hotkeys that should not run when right mouse button is down.


  • OM-65494: Omni-Core-Materials-1.0.8


  • OM-86424: Decouple Resource Monitor from IRenderer

  • OM-84595: Break circular dependency between resourcemonitor and usdrt_delegate


  • OM-91036: Fix volume getting too much energy after enabling the “ignore volume after a certain rough bounce” optimization.

  • OM-84546: Fix debug view heatmap ui

  • OM-73830: Rename RTX RT/PT AOV display names for clarification, use manual alphabetic sorting

  • OM-72594: FFT Bloom: Physical/Non-Physical combo box selection VS active setting is inverted


  • OM-76204: Render Settings Combobox emits a change event.

  • OM-93348: Rtx presets do not reset RTX settings

  • OM-57101: Move rtx.settings bindings in an extension


  • OM-93502 OM-98948 OM-98116 : syntheticdata fabric concurrency fixes


  • OM-95476: Stage Preference Default Animation Rate change

  • OM-77718: Fixed deadlock in timeline event popping

  • OM-61539: changed useFixedTimeStepping behavior

  • OM-73924, OM-77718: Make omni.timeline thread-safe

  • OM-61539: change the default FPS to 30

  • OM-75796: replace dt by zero when manually setting current time back or more than one frame ahead

  • OM-75796: Prohibit start time and end time to be set to the same value in omni.timeline

  • OM-76826: Fix infinite loop in Timeline::recomputeUpdateLoopFramerate

  • OM-76359: Fixed timeline cleanup freeze

  • OM-73924: Timeline frame integrity, looping fixes


  • OM-95973: ui::Stack iteration validation during drawing

  • OM-86649: Fixed external viewport crash

  • OM-96190: Shared Font Resource Fix in FontHelper Widgets and Improved Memory Usage in CanvasFrame

  • OM-92372: [] Do not show sub-menu if parent is disabled.

  • OM-92130: Add support to show text after hash string for omni.ui.Label

  • OM-87990, OM-87257: Detached window position

  • Fix usages of uninitialized values in omni.ui and omni.kit.ui

  • OM-82917: fix crash with invalid font path

  • OM-67689: layout compare improvements

  • OM-82313: ui.Label goes into an infinite loop when visible set to false

  • OM-79100: Cleanup headers, move carb::graphics::Format to carb::Format, and use simple alias for rtx::ResourceManager::RpResource.

  • OM-70184: fix grid crash due to memory leaks

  • OM-47271: Window : Expose moveToNewOSWindow and moveToMainOSWindow

  • OM-79068: Fix assert triggering in imgui on Linux.

  • OM-63266: Fix SVG issues when no texture loader is available.

  • OM-63266: Pass rasterized SVG directly through a memory buffer to the resource manager instead of a roundtrip through a .png file on disc.

  • OM-70184: fix grid crash

  • OM-64360: Add DynamicTextureProvider

  • OM-60522: Fix constantly expanding frame during drag & drop

  • OM-52200: Fixed layout change crashes due to _restore_workspace_asyncs is called simultaneously

  • OM-66069: Add a hover state change callback for ui.Treeview

  • OM-34381: Scroll to last selected item on multiselect

  • OM-71868: fix corrupt images publishing to s3 bucket from omni.ui


  • OM-97210 Create a TransformBasis interface class and PrimPathTransformBasis implementation

  • OM-78833: Fix omni.ui.scene.Label from crashing when string is empty

  • OM-86725: Access to raw input from gestures and math improvements

  • OM-85705: Fix issues with SceneView contents being cleared and const correctness of API.

  • OM-74306: Move random seed into setup

  • OM-75825: Fixed a memory leak in DrawList

  • OM-74050: Ability to use custom DrawSystem; DrawBuffer dirty bits


  • OM-85326: Don’t reload render settings when root layer is reloaded

  • OM-61029, OM-90027: Disable save during live session

  • OM-97102: Xform op pivot fix for xforms with metrics assembler ops

  • OM-95979: Improve save-as to avoid data loss

  • OM-94564, OM-94562: Fixes to metricsAssembler transform with pivot

  • OM-86236: async fix

  • OM-84443: Fix material watcher to avoid populating default params into current edit target

  • OM-85642: EF: Defer destruction of StageUpdate nodes until after execution.

  • OM-85006: Once node is deleted, we can’t reuse its definition

  • OM-82881: Correctly read the setting to apply rotation while ref/payload is created

  • OM-79625: Support for unitsResolve xformOp stack extension

  • OM-81476: Remove private headers from omni/usd headers

  • OM-81327: Refactor/cleanup

  • OM-58328: Add setting to disable rotation during creation of a reference or payload

  • OM-78752: Property Window “Add” context menu fix for custom stage

  • OM-56752: Detect external relationships for instancing command and post notification

  • OM-76410: Add omni.usd and pipapi doc units

  • OM-72819: Fix issue that will open stage as payloads disabled after saving new stage

  • fix usdutils setAttribute does not work for default value.

  • OM-50063: Async hydra engine initialization

  • OM-70603: Audio: deferred the startup of the audio manager.

  • OM-70784: Add renderType metadata to material output ports

  • OM-70536: reorder properties are not serialized correctly


  • OM-93197: Turn off warnings for missing material binding API to avoid warnings spew

  • OM-70448: Updating USD dependency and fixing env var tabulation in usd_config/

  • OM-70448: Preferring translucent over additive shaders for preview shaders with…

  • OM-67688: Hard code MDL paths in config

  • OM-62080: Update to nv-usd with optimized rprim state tracking and usdimaging garbage collection

  • OM-67688: Address comments from previous MR


  • OM-90220: Add missing refcount release (memory leak)

  • OM-88165: [omni.usd] Fix race conditions added in a55a733, 666bc021, and f5a3e2f5

  • OM-96376: [UsdContext] Fixed startup issue when the present thread is on on startup

  • OM-96952: [omni.usd] Make sure finite values are sent to profiler and avoid some math when not profiling. (105.0)

  • OM-96273: Don’t skip frames in sync rendering.

  • OM-85546: Fix issue to live update new created material

  • OM-86645: Use type when retrieving nodes from the SDR.

  • OM-43540, OM-63699: Fix missing renderProduct frameNumber

  • OM-84154: add rendertype metadata to TK_TEXTURE

  • OM-60083: Add Support for MDL struct member connections in Hydra Delegate

  • OM-83264: Add option to terminate Hydra engine render runloops that have no viewports associated with them (from dev/drivesim)

  • OM-82878: Disable replication of renderProducts from master node to worker node when the Hydra engine RP list is empty

  • Remove - frameToRender.sampleTimeOffsetInSimFrames that was added incorrectly.

  • Fixed: out-of-sync SDG bounding boxes due to relative camera offset changing

  • OM-79153: fix materialx support after client library changes

  • Remove imgui link from omni.usd

  • OM-50848: omni.usd.core documentation

  • OM-50848: add extension version and install changelog

  • OM-54798: fix sequencer crash

  • OM-50848: display string parameter default values

  • OM-67814: Remove workaround

  • OM-61335: Enable async rendering with FabricSD

  • OM-65293: [omni.usd] Avoid excessive bounding-box invalidation from queries against a cached sibling without a cached parent.

  • OM-70730: update shader output types and connections

  • OM-47577: Add GPU annotation around OG post processing


  • OM-93326: Update to nv-usd with guard for expired material prim

  • OM-86946: Cleanup extraneous copies of GLEW in kit-sdk

  • OM-49402: Use nv-usd package released via USD-CI

  • OM-70683: Add a way to query nv-usd version to help with troubleshooting

  • OM-72392: Only load the USD libraries that are available on each platform


  • Update animation schema

  • Move animgraphschema bipedschema navschema out

  • OM-73867: Update to usdrt-6.0.1 package

  • OM-57102: Move usdrt.Gf in an extension


  • OM-98041: Updated to usdrt-7.1.9