Cameras in NVIDIA Omniverse™ View simulate real world cameras and their functionality remarkably well. If you are comfortable with a standard 35 mm camera nomenclature, then adapting should be relatively easy. Interiors are best viewed with a focal length of 10-20mm. Use longer focal lengths for details or objects which are further away.

Cameras have properties which determine field of view and other imaging characteristics. They also have an initial location and orientation which allow you to move to predefined views by selecting a different camera. After a camera is selected, you can continue navigating through the scene with the same imaging properties.

Creating Cameras

Creating a camera in NVIDIA Omniverse™ View can be achieved in several ways.

Create Menu

From the Create Menu

Create Menu > Camera


Right Click Menu

You can use the right click menu…

Right Click > Create > Camera

… in the stage window.


… in the viewport window.


From Current View

Creating a camera from the Current View allows you to set easily set location and orientation of the camera by navigating in the model to the view you desire and then creating the camera. It will inherit the visual properties from the current view.

  1. Camera Options > Create Camera From View


Camera Properties

Camera properties are set in the property panel of a selected camera.


Camera Properties


Clipping Range

Clips the view outside of both near and far range values.

Focal Length

Longer Lens Lengths Narrower FOV, Shorter Lens Lengths Wider FOV

Focus Distance

The distance at which perfect sharpness is achieved.


Controls Distance Blurring. Lower Numbers decrease focus range, larger
numbers increase it.

Horizontal Aperture

Emulates sensor/film width on a camera measured in millimeters.

Horizontal Aperture Offset

Offsets Resolution/Film gate horizontally.


Sets camera to perspective or orthographic mode.

Shutter Open

Used with Motion Blur to control blur amount, increased values delay
shutter opening.

Shutter Close

Used with Motion Blur to control blur amount, increased values forward
the shutter close.

Stereo Role

Sets use for stereoscopic renders as left/right eye or mono (default)
for non stereo renders.

Vertical Aperture

Emulates sensor/film height on a camera measured in millimeters.

Vertical Aperture Offset

Offsets Resolution/Film gate vertically.


The Viewport Bar provides convenient access to the most commonly adjusted properties of the current viewport camera.