Details Panel


This panel displays a wealth of information about a selected entity and allows a user to edit a number of different parameters of the object. The parameters in this window are relative to the selected entity. For example cameras have different properties listed than a light or an imported static mesh.

Edit Fields

  • Which information is presented here is largely user defined because of the extensibility of USD

  • Direct Edit

    • A user can type numerical values directly into a field by double clicking (or Alt + click) in the field

    • A user can also click on the field and drag to adjust the value


Some scenes can be very taxing and makes selection of fields difficult. The modifier of “Alt” when selecting fields can be helpful in these cases as it acts as a double click.


Kinds in Omniverse Kit based Omniverse Apps are implemented exactly as they are in USD and offer help in organizing data and can assist in correct selection.




An important group model, often a published asset or reference to a published asset.


Models that simply group other models.


A “leaf model” that can contain no other models.

Sub Component

An identified, important “sub part” of a component model.


Designates prim is not a model but may be contained inside one


Base Class for all model kinds.
“model” is considered an abstract type and should not be assigned as any prim’s kind.

For a complete description of kinds, please see Pixar’s USD Documentation .