Omniverse View 2022 Release Highlights

Release Overview

Omniverse View enables project reviewers in architecture, engineering, design, manufacturing, product development, and media and entertainment to collaboratively review 3D design projects in stunning photorealism. This powerful tool is easy to navigate, allowing professionals of any skill level to present and review scenes built in Omniverse Create. In the new 2022.1 release, we’ve added new functionalities, such as an Environment Browser that allows users to control the backplate or sky and the ground, and a Teleport function that allows users to move around large scenes and jump at great distances in the scene to place a camera quickly.

Key Updates

  • Environment Browser: Control the backplate or sky of an image, as well as a ground plane. Environments can be saved for re-use.

  • Markup: 2D markup based on the current orientation of the model. Add text, shapes and scribbles to convey comments. These are editable.

  • Measure: Create and save reference dimensions between entities. A variety of snapping methods are available to create the dimensions desired.

  • Turntable: Instead of moving the camera around an object, you can rotate the model by placing it on a virtual turntable. This allows users to rotate objects in the environment to see how light affects the model.

  • Teleport: Move around large scenes by jumping at great distances in the scene to properly place the camera (viewer) quickly.

  • Waypoints 2.0: Edit or reorder waypoints, and easily create a slide deck of 3D orientations to walk through manually or with a playlist.