View 2022.3.1 Beta - Release Highlights

View 2022.3.1 Beta Overview

Welcome to View 2022.1 beta! For the third major release of 2022, we continue with our mission of making View a simple, powerful reference application for interactive viewing and annotating of 3D design projects in stunning, physically-accurate photorealism. With this in mind, we streamlined the user experience, reviewer workflows and completely removed editing and saving USD scenes so there is no chance of damaging the original files. (you can continue to use Create for editing and saving USD scenes).

Additionally, this release brings a lightning fast startup time, new capabilities with Markup and Measure Tools and support for the brand new 4 series NVIDIA (Ada) GPUs and Kit 104. Check out the new features below!

Simplified user Experience

We have modernized the UI for View to be even more streamlined for the review process.

New Startup Panel

New simple startup panel makes it easy to open a recent USD scene.

Startup Panel

New View Mode

New Full screen View for immersive viewing. Minimal UX/menu.

Fullscreen mode

New Review Mode

We’ve enhanced the review experience with additional controls to analyze a scene

Fullscreen review mode

Focus Mode Toolbar

Startup Panel

Menu Item


Orbit Mode

Toggles camera orbit mode

Select Mode

Toggles object select mode

White Mode

Toggles white mode rendering (no materials)


Enables the Measure tool

Sun Study

Displays the Sun Study dialog for adjusting time of day in dynamic skies

Sun Study Location

Displays the Sun Study Location dialog for setting geographic coordinates for Sun Study

Section Tool

Enables the Selection tool


Toggles the playlist panel

Movie Capture

Toggles the movie capture panel

Markup Export

Toggles the markup export dialog

Render Setting

Toggles the render settings panel

Markup Tool

You can now export markups in a number of common formats. The following formats are supported:

  • XLSX

  • CSV

  • PDF

PDF Markup Export can create US Letter or A4 size documents in either portrait or landscape orientation. We will add support for more formats in future releases

Export Markup Panel

Measure Tool

We’ve increased the functionality of Measure Tool with an improved UI and new measurement sub-tools:


Measure Point-to-point Sub-Tool

Multi Point

Measure Multi Point Sub-tool


Measure Angle Sub-tool


Measure Area sub-tool

You can use these sub-tools to create precise measurements utilizing the new snapping features with the following snap options:

  • Vertex

  • Edge

  • Mid Point

  • Pivot

  • Center


The startup time of View has been greatly reduced (less than 9 secs).

2022.3.1 - Release Notes


  • Measure tool could not measure prims that have been scaled without scene refresh.

  • Orbit buttons on Navigation bar and Focus Mode Toolbar did not indicate Orbit is active when View launches. Now, the active buttons are highlighted in blue.

  • It is now possible to apply inertia to the Navigation / Orbit tools

  • Navigation bar was not hidden when the Markup tool was first activated.

  • Turntable control remained visible when Markup was activated.

Known Issues:

  • When using the Measure tool, XYZ checked requires multiple undos to remove the measurement display (Measure Selected, Legacy) [OM-56867]

  • When using the Measure tool, measurement values overlap and are not easily read [OM-57013]

  • FPS in View Slow Down/Lag During a Live Edit with Revit Connector and Application [OM-64606]

  • View Iray Scene looks very different after saving and reopening [OM-46650]

  • View Cannot Live Sync Root When Sub Layers Are Locked AEC Demo Pack [OM-46651]

  • Join Session in View is not displaying Participants and is not changing Live Icon [OM-65412]

  • View crashes when trying to open large files (>800MB) on Linux multi-GPU setup [OM-61991]