View 2022.2.0 - Release Highlights


For the second major release of 2022, the View team focused on making Review and Markup the central mission. With this in mind, we streamlined the viewing experience and completely removed editing features. We believe this makes View a more focused and clear tool. The View team has also implemented a number of key improvements including redesigning the UI of the Camera bar, Waypoints and Viewport to stay out of the way until you need it. The markup tool has also seen a series of UX improvements, making it easier than ever to give feedback to your friends and colleagues.

Simplified User Experience


Sometimes you must remove in order to improve! View is an app targeted at allowing users to open, review and explore their designs, not edit them. Given that focus, many of the edit features and tools in View have been removed. This includes:

  • Material Browser

  • Asset Browser

  • Tools for Translate/Rotate/Scale of selected objects

  • Property panel

Don’t worry though, you can still find all these features inside Create. When you need to modify your design, fire up Create and start editing!

Review Mode

View now opens in a more simplified viewing mode.


Enhancements include:

  • Camera bar is collapsed in Review mode (on open)

  • Waypoints Panel (and Markup Panel) will be shown when a model is loaded that has these in it. These panels no longer disappear when clicking outside of them. They may be closed manually by clicking the X in the upper right corner.

  • Default resolution is now 1080p to bring more sharpness to the viewport. It is still something that can be changed with the control in the lower right corner.

  • Play controls for Waypoints are available in the Nav Bar to aid in a quick review of the waypoints.


View 2022.2 introduces several improvements to the Markup tool. Beyond a number of quality fixes, there are some key UX and workflow improvements.

  • Markup panel now opens on the left side. It remains on the screen until you close it by clicking on the x in the upper right corner.

  • Freehand curves are less jagged now.

  • Comments are easier to edit, resize and delete.

  • Accept/Cancel now streamlined in the markup bar.


We hope View 2022.2 makes it easier than ever to explore and mark up USD stages in a clear and concise manner. There are many more tweaks and fixes included in this release and you can find a full list below. Happy Viewing!

2022.2.0 - Release Notes


  • OM-60525 Focus Mode Toolbar should always default to opening docked on the right side of the application

  • OM-59987 Refine viewport toolbar

  • OM-59398 Window active status in “Advanced” menu is showing the opposite status

  • OM-59390 Failed to import IFC file

  • OM-59286 UI dialogs appears on load behind startup dialog

  • OM-59281 Measure display persists after deletion and between file opening

  • OM-59111 Default hide content/stage/property window when click on Focused after startup

  • OM-59110 Deselecting FOCUS mode displays stage and content panels

  • OM-59107 Change initial-windows list for non-focused mode to [View Toolbar]

  • OM-59043 A selection outline is always visible when a user is creating markup elements.

  • OM-59042 FreeDraw has a line connecting the start point to the current point until the user is done drawing

  • OM-59041 Markup is not listed in the visibility toggle (eyeball) viewport menu.

  • OM-59039 When a View panel is requested to be shown any panel with a checkmark next to its menu entry is also displayed.

  • OM-58982 Add all waypoint playlist buttons to Waypoint tear out UI

  • OM-58974 Crash selecting Waypoint marker

  • OM-58834 Can’t Import .JT File With Many Underscores (Other Characters) In the Name

  • OM-58802 Skies Aren’t Pulling From the Public Omniverse Server

  • OM-58795 Measure no longer works

  • OM-58781 Resolution button’s background is not transparent, and its font is too small

  • OM-58779 Context menu is not available at start

  • OM-58776 Toolbar icon and label alignment is incorrect on second monitor

  • OM-58542 Use menu to show current waypoint list and support tear-off

  • OM-58363 Shutdown error for measure

  • OM-58324 Detect saved waypoints on file load - auto open the navigation panel if any exist.

  • OM-58295 Cannot use mouse and keyboard navigation

  • OM-58234 Right click context menu for markup/waypoint/screenshot is not showing up correctly when right clicking for the first time

  • OM-58233 Can’t select objects or right click and create objects in View 2022.2 VP2 app

  • OM-58232 Activating turntable from navigation panel icon crashes View 2022.2 VP2 app

  • OM-58230 In View 2022.2 VP1 app there’s non-stop warning for deprecated usd layers usage

  • OM-58229 Section tool menu status is not updated in View 2022.2 when toggling section tool icon on/off in toolbar

  • OM-58228 Can’t move the camera angle in View 2022.2 VP2 app

  • OM-57744 Buttons of Resolution and Focused are too small

  • OM-57743 Remove dependencies to omni.view.conn.manager from Markup

  • OM-57742 Remove dependencies to omni.view.conn.manager from Playlist

  • OM-57740 Remove dependencies to omni.view.conn.manager from Waypoint

  • OM-57521 Change order of Distance type to Min, Max then Center

  • OM-57422 Model orbits when dragging the exposure setting (regression)

  • OM-57282 Ambiguous edit and create states for markup entities

  • OM-57277 Constrain positions and aspect ratio of markup after resizing window

  • OM-57254 After Creating A New Section, The Section Tool Resets the Section Cut Direction To The Opposite Direction Originally Chosen By User

  • OM-57118 Add omni.kit.browser.sample in View release

  • OM-57108 Add build number in View’s about window

  • OM-57010 Measure value background should be larger than the text string

  • OM-57009 Remember the Units between sessions

  • OM-56928 Switching Render Resolution While in Markup Prevents Markup From Showing in Thumbnail

  • OM-56551 Toaster notifications not happening

  • OM-56260 Move extensions from View repo to proper place

  • OM-56009 Create the ability to select a measurement and delete

  • OM-56006 Migrate to Viewport 2.0

  • OM-55639 Implement omni.kit.viewport.menubar.resolution

  • OM-55638 Implement omni.kit.viewport.menubar.focus

  • OM-55463 Ensure Markup Can Be Used In Any OV Application

  • OM-55309 Add callback function in omni.ui to notify the listener when any window’s visibility changed

  • OM-55021 Improve menubarframe for both VP1 and VP2

  • OM-54349 Improve omni,kit.prim.icon for VP2

  • OM-54278 Hide/Show of Measure in Stage does not work

  • OM-54276 Measured values lying on top of each other

  • OM-53750 View Live Workflow 2.0

  • OM-53184 Markups in a Playlist Are Not Doing Anything and Not Abiding By Transition Settings

  • OM-53006 Measuring a Shape disconnects measure line

  • OM-53000 Using the Measure tool hides the navigation tools

  • OM-49367 Eco mode is unchecked by default under Render Settings for Real time renderer

  • OM-49364 Markup - Camera vibrates

  • OM-48095 The Timeline control fades out after a few seconds, making it hard for the user to determine if it is enabled and where it is on screen

  • OM-46677 When returning to a markup the text is selectable even when not in edit mode

  • OM-46672 Markup - moving and adjusting text elements is not intuitive. the drag handle should be changed to something other than a dot such as a box or move icon

  • OM-39589 Switching between Draft and Preview mode on the Euclid scene causes the lights not to render properly

  • OM-36598 FPS and upper right info should move down with view port dashboard

  • OM-34180 Playlist Smooth type is not working.

  • Updated to Kit SDK 103.5.1

  • View 2022.2 now uses Viewport 2.0 in Kit SDK

Known Limitations

AR is not a released feature for View. It’s currently in Beta. Iray is not a released rendering mode for interactive display in View. You can turn it on via the Rendering, Render Settings menu.