Stability and usability have been the focus of the 2022.1.3 release. Known issues to Markup, Measure and Teleport have been fixed.


  • OM-44480 [View] Documentation for Measure Tool (Omniverse)

  • OM-44438 [View] Documentation for Markup


  • OM-58817 VS Code Link Window Shows Upon Launching View

  • OM-58802 Skies Aren’t Pulling From the Public Omniverse Server

  • OM-56630 [Markup] New arrow not created after previously selecting an arrow

  • OM-55628 [Markup] Overlapping windows appear in markup thumbnail

  • OM-55352 [View] Using the AdvancedConsole menu entry and then closing the console changes the menu layout drastically.

  • OM-54638 [View] - Markup - View Hangs When Clicking off a Markup Comment

  • OM-54276 [Measure] Measured values lying on top of each other

  • OM-53784 [View][Docs] Images are out of order in View 2022.1.2 release notes

  • OM-53661 [View] - The Turntable experience needs work - UI representations vs user expectations and rotation point

  • OM-53156 [View] After Using Teleport, Panning is Hard To Use

  • OM-53061 [View] - Teleport tool UX Issues

  • OM-53055 File Save/As on large scenes doesn’t update the filename in the View title bar correctly.

  • OM-52970 [View] - Screenshots do not capture Markup

  • OM-51235 [View] Clicking “Remove Selected Duplicates” Button After Finding Similar Meshes Causes View To Crash During CAD Import

  • OM-50939 [View] - Markup - Cannot Add a Markup when viewing an existing markup

  • OM-46636 Enable/Disable Snapshot Icon When Disabled, All Settings Are Not Grayed Out

  • OM-46559 Newly created Sections can become truncated or out of view from the drop down list with a small View window

  • OM-39588 Temp Files Are Not Automatically Removed After Importing IGES File

  • OM-32915 [View] UI entry for ACES should be capitalized


  • Updated to Kit SDK 103.1