A number of new tools have been developed with View 2022.1.2


We have a measure tool which creates dimensions between two selected entities. Has controllable units (meters, inches, etc.)

  • Color may be changed

  • Text is always flat to the screen for readability

  • Recomputes when the referenced meshes move – uses ActionGraph behind the scenes to accomplish this

  • Distance only right now – shortest or center/center or min or max values

  • Snap the dimension measure to X, Y or Z axes as desired


We added a tool to put comments / scribbles / etc. on an orientation of the model.

  • Fully editable

  • Built on top of Waypoints

  • Manager for markups

  • Text

  • Arrows

  • Boxes / Circles

  • Scribble line

  • The comments are on a 2D layer on top of the current 3D model

Waypoints 2.0

We added support to make these first class citizens.

  • Editable which allows a user to update it based on new objects in the scene or lighting conditions

  • Renaming to something other than Waypoint_0, Waypoint_1, etc.

  • Reorder waypoints to better define the order you may want to walk through these in a design review

  • Playlists now allow for drag&drop of Waypoints to create a custom slide show or dynamic camera play


Easily navigate huge worlds with a single leap.

  • General tool for Create or View

  • Jump locations

  • Twist your orientation, if desired

  • Camera becomes set at the height of your head (Approximately 6ft off the floor you landed on)


Select any object and turn it around on a turntable.

  • Exploratory tool

  • Moves the object, not the camera


The Sky Browser is now the Environment Browser supporting more than just open skies.

  • Ground planes are now supported

  • Shadow planes can be turned on when just using an HDRI

  • Default environment does not need to be a sky but could easily be a room or other studio scene.