Stability has been the focus of this release. Some additional improvements were made in navigation and XR.

By default, View is in Orbit mode. If you click with the left mouse button (LMB) and drag, the model rotates. New to 2021.3.9, it will rotate about the center of the screen rather than about the entire scene’s center.


While in Orbit, you can double-click (left mouse button) on another area of the scene. Double-clicking will pan that position to the center of the viewport and it becomes the new center of rotation for the Orbit command.


If you want to use the Table AR capability in View (just like Create), there is a menu option available in Rendering to bring up the panel.



  • OM-40356 - Orbit improvement with double-click to re-center the scene

  • OM-40324 - Orbit improvement to rotate about the center of the viewport

  • OM-40079 - View won’t launch in AR mode

  • OM-39963 - Nav Bar Home should not be highlighted by default

  • OM-39897 - Ctrl U should not force Edit mode

  • OM-39875 - Resents not working correctly once Custom is used

  • OM-39727 - Crash with section tool

  • OM-39669 - Switching between scenes with the section tool active crashes

  • OM-39615 - Hide Unselected crashes

  • OM-39608 - Custom render options change based on the sequence of options selected

  • OM-39617 - Render settings listed twice but open different tabs

  • OM-39613 - Help opens the wrong Forums link

  • OM-39578 - Frame button in Nav Bar does not do anything

  • OM-39444 - Startup in Review mode

  • OM-39346 - Left click should not cancel Orbit

  • OM-39362 - Start with Orbit as the default mode

  • OM-39361 - Add Inertia to View

  • OM-37808 - Crash opening a specific STEP file


  • OM 40316 - Add Tablet AR menu item in Rendering menu - no need for ar.bat file

Updated to Kit SDK 102.1.2 47282

Known Limitations

Iray is not a released rendering mode for interactive display in View. You can turn it on via the Rendering, Render Settings menu.


Even though Iray is still a Beta feature of View, the Rendering, Render Settings dialog does provide some quick access to Iray features like Irradiance.