The focus of this update has been around stability fixes for View. There are numerous fixes in the Kit SDK which has improved this. The other primary change is around the starting experience. View is a viewer and a review tool. We have changed the default navigation experience as follows: By default, View is in Orbit mode. If you click with the left mouse button (LMB) and drag, the model rotates.


Next, we added a Home button to the Nav Bar. This will bring you back to the same orientation as you had when you opened the model.


And, inertia is turned on. This gives navigation a softer feel as you move around the scene. This is configurable in Window, Preferences, Misc.



OM-39669 Switching between scenes with Section tool enabled causes crashes OM-39613 Help- Forums has the wrong link OM-39612 Play Button in Playlist for All Waypoint and All Cameras not working consistently OM-39608 Custom Render Options needs to support options available for Iray OM-39578 Frame button does not work in Nav Bar if nothing is selected OM-39553 When Timeline Is Toggled On, the timeline bar doesn’t show in the viewport OM-39508 When Waypoint is Toggled On, waypoint Icon doesn’t show in the viewport OM-39507 When Compass is Toggled On, compass Icon doesn’t show in the viewport OM-38024 Sun Study with Draft overridden to use Iray does not capture OM-37919 Crash in Section Tool with some models OM-37884 Orbit in Nav Bar should autoframe if there is a selection OM-37808 Crash attempting to import this large STEP File OM-36119 Set the instanceable flag for assets from the Asset Browser OM-35148 Waypoint creation: Thumbnails are not generated OM-27965 Preview or Photo mode with this model rotates very slowly OM-27569 No Default Stage in View OM-24702 Camera with less than 18mm lens causes overlap with super res


OM-39361 View - Add Inertia to the Preferences Menu

Updated to Kit SDK 102.1.2 47012