• OM-37269 - Advanced Render Settings only showing Iray

  • OM-37173 - Remove the Beta label in the title bar

  • OM-37082 - View cannot install without the internet

  • OM-37053 - Cannot see the car paint MDL in the Material Browser

  • OM-37047 - Crash when switching between servers and Send to View

  • OM-37017 - Send to View from SketchUp crashes View

  • OM-36998 - View crashes opening an older USD

  • OM-36954 - Add Hide Selected to the Edit menu

  • OM-36789 - Nav Bar needs a dark background

  • OM-36574 - Set external privacy for release build of View

  • OM-36573 - View AR .Kit missing a config option

  • OM-36454 - Remove Extensions from the Advanced menu

  • OM-36442 - Fix ‘Ill-formed SdfPath’ syntax error on startup

  • OM-36303 - View crashes or hangs while opening a newly published file

  • OM-36298 - Waypoint preview images are missing

  • OM-36263 - Toggle visualization mode stacks and clashes with display options

  • OM-36239 - Modify tips in the Nav Bar

  • OM-36197 - After checking all browser options under Window menu, the left toolbar disappears

  • OM-36123 - Crash changing the Albedo color in the Materials Browser

  • OM-36119 - Set the instanceable flag for vegetation from the Asset Browser

  • OM-36116 - Keep one resolution per session

  • OM-36115 - Orbit in the Nav Bar does not work outside of the model’s bounding box

  • OM-35752 - MultiGPU is on by default and causes freeze or hang with older drivers

  • OM-35316 - Lights not toggling on/off as expected

  • OM-35148 - Thumbnails not generated for Waypoints


  • OM-35671 - Add Furniture category to the Asset Browser