• OM-34852: Remove Payload from File menu

  • OM-34772: UI alignment on Navigation Bar

  • OM-34705: Remove File, Open Sample menu option

  • OM-34690: Red materials, no skies loading

  • OM-34650: Advanced Render Settings only show Iray

  • OM-34645: Need a splash image with version 2021.3 on it

  • OM-34644: Version in title bar should say 2021.3 not 2021.2

  • OM-34642: Remove tooltips for Material/Sky/Content/Asset browsers

  • OM-34602: Navigate button on Nav Bar appears to do nothing

  • OM-34599: Nav bar toggle setting needs to be persistent across sessions

  • OM-34598: Turn on Nav bar by default

  • OM-34592: Do not do the auto login during the install sequence

  • OM-34568: Camera controls incorrect values on viewport dashboard

  • OM-34527: No content browser in View

  • OM-33914: Crashes while opening a model that was exported using Revit’s Send to View function

  • OM-33898: Multi GPU is checked as default in render settings

  • OM-33846: User icon remains red after automatically establishing a server connection in View

  • OM-33701: Reset rendering defaults button doesn’t update the settings

  • OM-33531: Design Render and Movie capture should not have panel title bar anymore

  • OM-32212: Crash navigating in content browser with no scene currently open

  • OM-27989: View hang crash when using stage search field

  • OM-27933: Saved orientation of a model does not work on reopen

  • OM-27203: Colors appear different with tonemapper

  • OM-26112: Makes empty folders where I expect to find logs for it


  • OM-34564: Add Auto Exposure control to camera bar in Viewport

  • OM-35321: Add Extensions under Advanced menu