Release Notes

2022.3.4 - Release Notes

Release Date: Jan 2023


  • Measure Tool’s dynamic planar detection for the Area measurement subtool is now based on the first three selected points


  • Camera settings are restored correctly after a SuperRes or 360 screen capture is created

  • Measure Tool displayed values avoid overlapping


  • Application start time improved

  • Scene loading time improved

  • Scene loading progress dialog updated to match other Omniverse applications

  • Measure Tool snap targets provide better visual feedback when hovered

  • Measure Tool visibility menu option moved to the Show by Type submenu

  • Measure Tool improved indication of where a snap plane is activated

  • Measure Tool label positioning improved for better readability

Known Issues

  • Iray renderer has been removed from View until it can be fully supported.

  • Measure Tool requires multiple undo commands to remove the X, Y, Z measurement display options (Measure Selected, Legacy)


  • For very large models and datasets, performance of Waypoint Tool may be slow

  • Measure Tool subtool measurements (Point-to-Point, Multipoint, Angle, Area) are not saved

  • Measure Tool created measurements (Selected) are not editable in viewport