Render Settings Overview

RTX Settings

The Render Settings can be used to adjust the renderers’ parameters to balance quality, performance and memory usage.

Render Settings are accessed from the menu bar under Window > Rendering > Render Settings.

Any renderer can be selected from the Renderer dropdown list.

Common Rendering Settings

Post Processing Render Settings

Post-processing effects such as tone mapping, color correction, motion blur, and more.

RTX Real-Time Settings

Settings specific to this renderer.

RTX Interactive (Path Tracing) Settings

Settings specific to this renderer.

RTX Accurate (Iray) Settings

Settings specific to this renderer.

Saving Settings Presets


In the Render Settings, on the top-right side of the panel, you can access the Save, Load, or Reset functions.

You can save the settings file to a location, load a file from a location, or simply reset the settings to their default values.

Saving files externally can be useful for sharing.


All persistent render settings are saved in the scene unless the value equals its default value, in which case the default value is inherited.