Kaolin Known Issues

  • OM-41756 [Kaolin] Kaolin will sometimes crash when changes are made to color shading in the Voxelgrid settings

  • OM-41758 [Kaolin] Pointcloud usd’s are not displayed properly when the spacing factor option is moved continuously from 1.4 to 5.0

  • OM-41343 [Kaolin] Mesh Wireframe Mode Doesn’t Always Show In The Viewport Until After Click Reset and Reconfiguring

  • OM-37223 [Kaolin] User is unable to load test files through Data Generator on CentOS 7 due to stuck ov-content SSO login screen

  • OM-41816 [Kaolin] Kaolin will sometimes crash after hitting RUN in the Data Generator

  • OM-41813 [Kaolin] Second user is unable to connect to a Kaolin Headless instance using the kit remote client