2. Recording Synthetic Data

2.1. Learning Objectives

This tutorial introduces the Synthetic Data recorder for Isaac-Sim. After this tutorial, you will know how to generate large quantities of synthetic sensor data for training a deep learning model.

15-20 Minute Tutorial

2.2. Getting Started

To begin, first load the following stage


This stage comes preloaded with semantic annotations, as well as a random camera that with jump to different views for data generation.

2.2.1. Synthetic Data Recorder Usage Example

Press Shift+C and Shift+L to hide all camera and light widgets respectively so that they don’t show up in recorded synthetic data. Alternatively, go to Show/Hide UI icon and hide Cameras and Lights from Show By Type option.

Hide camera and light

Switch to the camera named RandomCamera and press Play in the editor. This camera randomly moves around the warehouse with its viewport pointing to the cart.

Switch camera to RandomCamera

Update the settings as specified below and press Start Recording.

Synthetic Data Recorder settings

The synthetic data recorded will be available in the local folder specified within the Output Directory option of Recorder Settings.

Synthetic Data Output Directory

2.3. Summary

This tutorial covered the following topics:

  1. Setting the target directory for the exported data from the recorder

  2. Running the semantic data recorder

2.3.1. Further Learning

Check out the Replicator Playground for more advanced topics