1. Getting Started With Replicator

Replicator now lives in its own extension named omni.replicator.

You can read all about Replicator and we encourage you to work through some of the tutorials.

There are some key tools we list below for you to get familiar with, and we encourage you to get to know Replicator better by reading the documentation.

1.1. The Semantic Schema Editor

The Semantic Schema Editor is used to add classes or any other semantic information to a stage. Semantic annotations (data “of interest” pertaining to a given mesh) are required to properly use the extension. These annotations inform the extension which objects in the scene need bounding boxes, pose estimations, etc. The Semantic Schema Editor provides a way to apply these annotations to prims on the stage through a UI.

To access the editor, navigate to Synthetic Data > Semantics Schema Editor at the top of Kit. The editor will appear as a tab in the Properties pane by default.


For more information about the Semantic Scheme Editor, please reference its documentation. To procedurally apply semantics to an entire stage see the following example snippet.

1.2. The Visualizer

Visualizing the output of synthetic sensors is done through the visualizer Visualizer tool in the Viewport window.

For a good understanding of how to use the Visualizer you should read the Visualizing Synthetic Data tutorial in the omni.replicator documentation.


If the camera name is too long, the visualizer icon in the Viewport window might get obscured

1.3. Output in Transition

Recorders or Writers? The output of synthetic data in Omniverse Isaac Sim is in a transitional state. The Synthetic Data Recorder can still be used for data acquisition for a stage, but the omni.replicator extension uses Writers. In this release you can access the power of writers through the script editor.

A good explanation of how to use a Writer is set forth in the Randomizing appearance, placement and orientation of an existing 3D assets with a built-in writer tutorial.

1.4. Summary

This tutorial encourages you to read about omni.replicator, and notes the importance of:

  1. The semantic schema editor

  2. The Visualizer

  3. Output Transition

1.4.1. Further Learning

Your current best and most up to date source of information on Replicator is in the Replicator Documentation

The session on Synthetic Data Generation using the Omniverse Replicator SDK from GTC 2022 is a very good source for understanding Replicator.


Access to some GTC 2022 content is available only after completing the free registration to the NVIDIA Developer Network.