Kaya Sample Application

NVIDIA Kaya was designed as a showcase example for NVIDIA Isaac Robot Engine and Jetson Nano compute platform. You can build your own Kaya using a 3D printer and off-the-shelf parts, but before you go there you might to check it out in simulation.


You will need a game controller to run the Kaya Sample.

How to run

To load the Kaya Sample, go to Isaac Examples -> Controlling -> Input Devices -> Kaya Joystick as shown in the image below, and you should notice that a dialog box with two buttons will appear as illustrated here. You can dock this new Kaya Joystick panel by dragging it onto one of the other panels in the application window.


On the Kaya Joystick panel, press the top button to load the Kaya sample scene, and then press the second button to connect the game-pad to your Kaya model. Then as shown in the video below, press the ‘Play’ button located on the vertical bar to the left of the Viewport to start the simulation loop. The Kaya should now respond to the joysticks on your game controller. When you are finished test driving the model robot, press the ‘Stop’ button to return Kaya to its starting pose.


If the joystick/gamepad you have connected moves the camera in the viewport, click the gear/settings icon in the viewport and set Gamepad Camera Control to False

Joystick Python API

For more information on how to use the joystick manipulation extension see Joystick Manipulation (Manip)