Release Notes

Known Limitations

Currently there is a 1 gig file size limit on individual usd files that can be loaded.

2021.1.1 Open Beta

Robotics Experience

  • Added New Samples:
    • ROS MoveIt sample

    • Native Python Asset converter sample

    • Native python ROS samples

    • Native python livestream sample

  • Added Documentation
    • Clarify python setup

    • Missing python samples

    • Omnikithelper

    • ROS Setup, python usage

    • Debug Drawing utilities

  • Improvements:
    • Added omniverse commands for all ROS bridge python API calls

    • Added ability to tick ROS components manually

    • Can specify command line arguments from launcher directly

    • Added nucleus server configuration dialog at startup

    • Contact sensor provides dt for raw data

    • Omnikithelper config can control window size

    • Overall documentation cleanup

  • Bug Fixes:
    • URDF importer improperly handled zero joint velocity limit

    • Fixed incorrect asset converter version in Docker image

    • Fixed issue with certain browsers not opening documentation links

    • Handle exception with shapenet extension if multiple isaac-sim instances are launched

    • Removed default extension registry

    • REB rigid body sink published incorrectly with large number of objects

    • Fixed RMP replay sample initialization

2021.1.0 Open Beta

Omniverse Kit

  • Based on Omniverse Kit SDK 101.0

Isaac SDK

  • Support Isaac SDK 2021.1

Robotics Experience

  • Added new features:
    • Contact force sensor support

    • Ultrasonic sensor support

    • Onshape CAD import support

    • ROS2 bridge

    • Native Rospy and Rclpy integration

    • Multi Camera support with Isaac SDK, ROS/ROS2

    • Multi Camera based Synthetic Data Recorder

    • Kitti format writer for synthetic data

    • Segmented lidar point cloud

  • Added new samples:
    • ROS/ROS2 Navigation

    • ROS April Tag, Stereo Cameras

    • RMP Sample

    • Several new pure python samples

    • Synthetic data generation

    • Multiple/Stereo cameras

    • DofBot Sim2Real Mirroring, Synthetic Data Training & Deploying

  • New Assets:
    • DofBot

    • Carter 2.0

  • Improvements:
    • UI Improvements

    • Performance Improvements

    • DLSS integration

    • Enhanced Domain Randomization: - New Components - Random Distribution Support - Polygonal and path based movement behaviors

    • Improved Python API documentation

    • Improved Python Debugging

    • Documented useful Omniverse Isaac Sim tips

    • Websocket livestreaming support

    • JetBot training in Sim, deploying on real JetBot

  • Bug Fixes:
    • URDF Importer

    • Dynamic Control stability

    • ROS bridge stability

2020.2.2 Early Access

Omniverse Kit

  • Based on Omniverse Kit Release 2020.2.2

Isaac SDK

  • Support Isaac SDK 2020.2

Robotics Experience

  • Added Factory Asset

  • Isaac SDK Supported Applications
    • Matrix Production

    • 3D Object Pose Estimation

  • Modifications on the JetBot and JetRacer RL Samples

  • Several Minor Bug Fixes

2020.2 Early Access

Omniverse Kit

  • Based on Omniverse Kit Release 2020.2 + Hotfix release

Robotics Experience

  • STEP Importer for importing advanced CAD files

  • Improved URDF Importer

  • Added tools for sensors
    • Visualizer for RGB, Depth, Segmentation and 2D BBox

    • Synthetic Data Recorder

  • Added Ground Truth Data
    • 3D BBox

  • Added to the set of supported messages and ROS services to ROS Bridge
    • Segmentation & BBox Messages

    • Velocity Control

    • TurtleBot Example

  • Simple Differential Base Controller

  • Live Physics Inspector

  • Occupancy Grid 2D Map Generator

  • April Tag MDL

  • Added Robot Models
    • JetBot

    • JetRacer

Provided Samples

  • Reinforcement Learning
    • JetBot Lane Following

    • JetRacer Lane Following

  • Synthetic Data Generation
    • Domain Randomization

    • Offline dataset generation

    • Dataset Generation with Physics and Glass

2020.1 Early Access

Omniverse Kit

  • Based on Omniverse Kit Release 2020.1

  • Nucleus Server support

Isaac SDK

  • Support Isaac SDK 2020.1

Robotics Experience

  • Sensor models: Depth, Lidar

  • Ground Truth: Depth, Segmentation, 2D Bounding Box

  • ShapeNet Importer

  • Domain Randomization: Randomize lighting, color, texture, pose

  • Isaac SDK machine interface for manipulation and navigation: Scene loader, Joint Control, Differential Base, Scissor Lift, Surface Gripper, Two finger Gripper, Rigid Body Sink, Teleport, Scenario From Message, Lidar, Camera, Contact Monitor

  • Added to the set of supported messages and ROS services to ROS Bridge: Camera topics, joint state topics, tf topics, lidar topic, joint commands, pose teleport services

  • Added to robot models: Carter, Kaya, STR, UR10

  • Added environments: Grid Room, Simple Room, Simple Warehouse

  • Added object models: Blocks, Dolly, Flip_stack, Forklift, KLT_Bin, Mounts, Pallet, Rubiks_cube, sortbot housing, skies

Provided Samples

  • Dynamic Control
    • Articulation Info

    • Joint Monkey

  • Lidar Info

  • Domain Randomization
    • Component Sample

    • Simple Room Sample

    • Warehouse Sample

  • Kaya Joystick

  • URDF
    • Carter

    • Franka

    • Kaya

  • UR10 Preview
    • Stack Bins

    • Fill Bins

  • Surface Gripper Example

  • Headless Synthetic Data Generation Example

  • Isaac SDK Samples
    • Warehouse Navigation with Carter

    • Cart Delivery

    • Shuffle Box with Simulator

    • Simple Joint Control

System Configuration

  • Requires a workstation equipped with RTX card

2019.3 Leonardo Preview

Omniverse Kit

  • Editor

  • RTX Rendering

  • PhysX 5

  • Python Scripting

Robotics Experience

  • URDF Importer

  • Sensor Models: RGB

  • Franka Manipulator Model

Provided Samples

  • Leonardo Preview
    • Ghost Robots

    • Simple Stack

    • Multiple Obstacles

System Configuration

  • Cloud: Running on AWS