Livestream Clients

This section shows you the two different methods of livestreaming Omniverse Isaac Sim.

Before running a livestream client, make sure that Isaac Sim app is loaded and ready. It may take a few minutes for Isaac Sim to be completed loaded.

To confirm this, look out for this line in the console or the logs:

Isaac Sim Headless Websocket App is loaded.

You may see other line depending on which mode was launched:

Isaac Sim Headless Kit Remote App is loaded.
Isaac Sim App is loaded.
Isaac Sim Python App is loaded.


  • To cleanly exit the app. Click the File menu then click Exit.

Livestream WebSocket

This is a Livestream extension using the WebSocket protocol.

The WebSocket client can be accessed using the browser at this URL:

http://<ip address>:8211/streaming/client

  • Click on the red Play button to begin live streaming


  • To cleanly exit the app. Click the File menu then click Exit.

  • See Livestream WebSocket for more information.

  • Ports 8899 and 8211 need to opened for Livestream WebSocket to work remotely.

  • See Change WebSocket ports.

  • Using the Google Chrome or Chromium browser is recommended.

Omniverse Kit Remote Client

This is a streaming client to view Omniverse Isaac Sim remotely on your desktop or workstation without a powerful GPU.

Kit Remote Client Requirements

Ubuntu 18.04

Download the Omniverse Kit Remote Linux Client

Please install these packages to run the streaming client:

$ sudo apt-get install libavcodec57 libavformat57 libavutil55 libsdl2-dev libsdl2-2.0-0


  • Kit Remote Client is not supported on Ubuntu 20.04.

Windows 10

Connect to Omniverse Isaac Sim

Below are steps to live-stream a remote deployment of Omniverse Isaac Sim to you local Linux or Windows workstation using Omniverse Kit Remote Client:

  1. Get the IP address of your Omniverse Isaac Sim instance.

  2. Run Omniverse Kit Remote Client

    • On Linux:

      $ ./ -s <remote_ip_address>
    • On Windows:

      > kit-remote.exe -s <remote_ip_address>


    • Replace <remote_ip_address> above with your Omniverse Isaac Sim instance Public IP.

    • To connect to a local headless instance of Omniverse Isaac Sim, use IP

    • Each Omniverse Isaac Sim instance can only connect to one Omniverse Kit Remote Client. Connecting to an Omniverse Isaac Sim instance that is currently serving a Omniverse Kit Remote Client will result in an error for the second user.

    • The Omniverse Kit Remote Client will create a window of resolution 1280x720 by default. It is recommended to set your display resolution to 1080p(1920x1080). Use flag -w 1920 -h 1080 to set the Kit Remote windows resolution to 1080p.

    • Errors will still be displayed in the logs even when running Omniverse Kit Remote Client is successful. This will be cleaned up later on. Right now, the logs would be useful for debugging. See: Known Issues.