4.3. Google Cloud Deployment

4.3.1. Requirements

Here are the requirements for running Omniverse Isaac Sim on Google Cloud:

  • A Google Cloud account with Compute Engine access that is able to creata a Virtual Machine with GPU support.

  • An GCP Virtual Machine with the following recommended specifications:

    • GPU: nvidia-tesla-t4

    • Machine type: n1-standard-8 or better

    • Image: Ubuntu Server 20.04 LTS

4.3.2. Setup

To launch the GCP Virtual Machine, follow the steps below:

  1. Search for GPU Zones with the NVIDIA T4 GPU model.

  2. Create a Default VPC network.

  3. Setup SSH connection to VM instances using a browser.

  4. Follow the steps in Launch Cloud Shell to start Cloud Shell session on GCP.

  5. Run the command below in the Cloud Shell session session to create a VM. Replace <project_name> and <instance_name>. The zone is set to us-central1-a in this example but can be replaced with the zones in step 1.

    $ gcloud compute \
    --project "<project_name>" \
    instances create "<instance_name>" \
    --zone "us-central1-a" \
    --machine-type "n1-standard-8" \
    --subnet "default" \
    --metadata="install-nvidia-driver=True" \
    --maintenance-policy "TERMINATE" \
    --accelerator type=nvidia-tesla-t4,count=1 \
    --image "ubuntu-2004-focal-v20221018" \
    --image-project "ubuntu-os-cloud" \
    --boot-disk-size "100" \
    --boot-disk-type "pd-ssd"
  6. Follow the steps in Connect to Linux VMs using Google tools to connect to the VM.

  7. See this page to install NVIDIA Drivers and other dependencies on the VM.

  8. Proceed to Container Deployment.