Running For The First Time

Run From Isaac Sim App Launcher

Now that you have installed Omniverse Isaac Sim either locally on your workstation or in the containerized / remote-streaming configuration, let’s start with a tour of fundamental features.


If you see the following dialog when starting Omniverse Isaac Sim check that the assets are properly installed by following the Adding Sample Assets or Adding Sample Assets to Headless Nucleus installation instructions.


User Interface

See the following document for an introduction into the Omniverse Isaac Sim user interface

Mobile Base Samples

This sample is meant as an introduction into using Omniverse Isaac Sim

In this sample we use a more complex robot, NVIDIA Kaya, to introduce using Python scripting to accomplish a set of tasks that can be tedious via GUI alone.

Manipulation Samples

Many of our robots use a motion controller that is based on Riemannian Motion Policy (RMP). While we won’t be going into the details of RMP, here is a simple sample that walks through the basics of using RMP for manipulator control.

The Leonardo and UR10 Samples are examples of manipulator robots performing more sophisticated tasks. Both rely heavily on python scripting to support the algorithms for these tasks. They can be used as templates for you to get started with your own project.

This DofBot sample shows how we can simulate an affordable robotic arm in Isaac Sim and test immediately on the real DofBot.

More Samples

For a full list of samples see the sample index