Semantic Schema Editor

In order for synthetic sensor information such as segmentation and bounding boxes, semantic information such as the class for different objects in the scene must be specified. The Semantic Schema Editor tool allows user to assign semantic labels to those objects.

Go to Synthetic Data->Semantic Schema Editor to enable it. There are two ways to assign semantic labels to objects.


Apply semantic data on selected objects

As the title suggests, select a group of objects and then for each object, we specify the Type field as class and the Data field as the semantic label.

Apply semantic data on entire stage

We use a heuristic based approach to assign semantic labels to different objects in the scene on pressing Generate Labels button. The field Prim types to label specifies which USD object type will be assigned a semantic label. The field Class list specifies a list of class names. If an object in the scene contains any of these class names, then its semantic label will be assigned to that class name.

Semantic Schema Editor Usage Example

See the Visualizing Synthetic Data tutorial for how to use and visualize semantics applied with this extension.