Synthetic Data Visualizer

This extension enables visualization of various synthetic data sensor output.

To leverage the tool, press the visualizer icon in the Viewport window and the extension UI will become visible. After the Visualize button is pressed, it loads an additional window where the visualization results will be displayed.

Synthetic Data Visualizer UI Window

The extension supports nine sensors for visualization - RGB, Depth, Semantic and Instance Segmentation, 2D Tight and Loose bounding box, 3D bounding box, Normals and Motion Vector.


If the camera name is too long, the visualizer icon in the Viewport window might get obscured

Synthetic Data Visualizer Usage Example

Load the warehouse single shelve stage that comes pre-loaded with semantic information.


  • In the Synthetic Data Visualizer, tick the sensors that you want to visualize

  • Press Visualize button to visualize output corresponding to the enabled sensors

Synthetic Data Visualizer output

Usage Example

For an example of using the visualizer, checkout the Visualizing Synthetic Data tutorial.