Riemannian Motion Policy (Motion Planning)

Riemannian Motion Policy (RMP) is a set of motion generation tools that underlies most of our manipulator controls inside Omniverse Isaac Sim. It creates smooth trajectories for the robots with intelligent collision avoidance. For more technical background of RMP, please checkout related video and website.

Sample Application


In the RMP Sample , we will walk you through how to use RMP with a Franka Emika Panda arm and a simple block obstacle.

Adapting to Other Robots

Currently, the version of RMP integrated in Omniverse Isaac Sim are only tuned for the Franka Emika Panda Arm and UR10. Making RMP more generalizable to other robots is an ongoing effort of ours. We won’t be providing detailed instructions on how to adapt the RMP to other robots since it is complex and fragile at the moment. But it is possible. The main idea is that you will need to provide RMP the robot model and the corresponding tuning parameters. If you wish to try your luck, inside exts/omni.isaac.motion_planning/resources/lula, you can find examples of the configuration files and robot models for the Franka and UR robots as examples.